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Last year, Samsung released its premium S-series of tablets and reviewers were highly impressed with its excellent screen, powerful performance and long-lasting battery life. 

The new Android-powered Galaxy Tab S2  is the thinnest and lightest Samsung tablet to date. The Tab S was already crazy thin at 6.6mm, but Samsung has managed to shave off an extra millimetre. The Tab S2 is just 5.6mm thin and weighs only 389g.

Samsung's new range is designed with media consumption in mind. According to Samsung, the Super AMOLED display is optimised for reading and viewing digital content but also delivers on the performance front. Bookworms will enjoy the new Reading Mode which adjusts the screen brightness to avoid eye strain.

The tablet comes preloaded with Microsoft Office solutions and includes 100GB of cloud storage via OneDrive, free for two years.

Samsung has launched a 9.7-inch and 8-inch model. Both have quad-core processors up to 1.9GHz and internal storage up to 64GB, plus microSD slots. The resolution on the 9.7-inch tablet is slightly higher at 2048×1536.

The 9.7-inch Samsung S2 is available right now from Vodacom Online. When you order online you get FREE delivery, FREE SIM and FREE connection.

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