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    31 May 2013


    Samsung S4 mini revealed

    A smaller version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in stores.

    Officially announced yesterday (30 May 2013), the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is being touted as a smaller and more portable version of the S4. 

    The S4 mini has a 4.3-inch display while the S4 has a large 5-inch display. It's noticeably shorter (124.6mm vs 136.6mm) and weighs significantly less (107g vs 130g) – although it doesn't quite beat the slim body of the S4 (8.94mm vs 7.9mm). 

    The S4 mini aims to provide an experience close to that of the S4, but the reduction in size does result in inevitable compromises. The rear camera, for example, is only 8MP compared to the S4's 13MP, and the processor is less powerful.

    The launch of the S4 mini comes only a month after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has already sold more than 10 million handsets. 

    For those looking for a quality Android smartphone that won't blow the budget, the compact S4 mini is almost certainly going to be a popular choice.