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Vodacom Now!

With the My Vodacom App, you can manage your account, buy bundles, view our latest promotions, pay your bills, get exclusive access to the VodaBucks store, PLUS so much MORE!

How to #ShakeOff on the My Vodacom App (and get your share of 1 billion VodaBucks & more).

Step 1: Download the My Vodacom App and join ShakeOff

Step 2: Get 2 Free Daily Shakes 

Step 3: Shake every day to collect puzzle pieces for grand prizes like 1 of 3 Mini Coopers and more 

Step 4: Spend 5 VodaBucks on a Mega Shake for more chances to collect puzzle pieces and win bigger and better prizes

But that's not all. The My Vodacom App has a ton of features and benefits to suite your individual needs.

Top features and benefits of the My Vodacom App

How to download the My Vodacom App

Download the latest version of the My Vodacom App from your app store all the latest benefits. View and manage your airtime, data, voice and SMS balances, PLUS you can buy bundles, access your account details and claim rewards.

It’s free to download from the app stores. Once you start using the app, it’s free to use, so it won’t ever use any of your data!

Top Benefits of the My Vodacom App

Check your balances - stay in control and check all your airtime, data and other balances. The nifty Detailed Data Usage tool allows you to see exactly where your data is being used.

The nifty Detailed Data Usage tool allows you to see exactly where your data is being used.

Send free SMSs - stay in touch with friends and family for free! You get 20 FREE SMSs daily.

Manage your content services - keep tabs on content you’ve subscribed to or block unwanted services in a flash.

View and pay your bill - Contract and Top Up customers can view your Vodacom bill/, invoices or statements. You can even pay your bill by debit or credit card.


VodaBucks rewards you for using Vodacom products and services. The more you do, the more you earn and the more rewards you can spend them on. Access the exclusive VodaBucks store on the My Vodacom App to purchase fashion, electronics, bundles and so much more. Remember to Bank your earned VodaBucks to spend on the things you love. Once you have joined you can do the following:

  • Start adding goals and earning VodaBucks
  • Shake – two free daily shakes on the My Vodacom App
  • Buy additional Shakes and Mega Shakes

For all these benefits and more, download the My Vodacom App today


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