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    02 November 2016


    Shopping in a snap

    Seven apps for perfectly simple purchases

    Summer is here, and it's time to play! But what about all those pesky shopping trips you need to make? No matter how much you love to shop, nobody's going to find the spirit of summer in a mall. Using these super-convenient free apps means you can do your shopping while you're on the beach, or at a cricket match, or on the road to your family holiday, giving you more free time for summer fun.


    If you're one of those who likes to wear the season's latest trends, and/or love a bargain, you're probably a regular on Spree and Superbalist already. But even the fashion un-conscious and fans of functional wear will get a kick out of using these super-easy apps. Download the apps as a first-timer and you'll get a discount on your first purchase, and their newsletters advertise regular special deals and discounts. You also get free delivery and free returns from both sites, so if an item arrives that doesn't fit you, or isn't what you were expecting from the pictures, or you've simply changed your mind, you can easily contact the site and arrange for the courier to collect the item, and rack up some store credit.

    The main difference between the two is that Spree sells kids' clothes too - wait for the sales to stock up on your kids' new summer wardrobes and you'll save a tonne - while Superbalist stocks some very trendy 'apartment' (i.e. decor) goods.

    Download Spree here and Superbalist here.


    Pre-paid electricity: When you've got guests over for a braai or pool party, the last thing you need is to run out of electricity. And who wants to traipse to the shops in the middle of the fun? That's what the Powertime app is there for. Simply scan the barcode of your pre-paid electricity meter (you can add multiple meters if you're a land baron or similar), scan your debit or credit card (the details will be encrypted and safely stored), and purchase prepaid electricity with a single click. Powertime is so simple and convenient that it's won multiple awards over the years.

    Download the Powertime app here.

    Groceries: The Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app is our pick of the bunch when it comes to supermarket apps. It allows you to create custom shopping lists, and you can even scan the barcode of the products you buy regularly, so you won't have to start from scratch every time you need to buy your groceries online. This alone is a huge time saver, and you'll save a few pennies as well, thanks to the alerts about in-store promotions. And, of course, you can easily switch your Smart Shopper points for cash in your account when you need it.

    Download the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app here.

    Gadgets and goodies

    You probably need no introduction to Takealot, the online super-store that stocks everything from nappies to books to tech gadgets to sunglasses to wine to hardware to electric toothbrushes to toys. But did you know that when you get the Takealot app, you get access to special deals that are exclusive to app users - the App Only Deals? You'll also get alerts about the Daily Deals, open to all, and entry into app-exclusive competitions.

    Whether you're in the market for a new beach umbrella, or want to keep an eye on the price of that Garmin running watch you've been coveting, the Takealot app is the easiest way to take them home.

    Download the Takealot app here.


    Browse pre-loved goods going begging in your neighbourhood with the Gumtree app. You'll see close to 1 million ads right on your phone, and when you do decide to buy (or finally put that rowing machine that you used just the once up for sale), the in-app instant-chat messaging service is the quickest and most reliable way to connect with sellers, or buyers. Just like on the site, you can cough up some cash to get your ad to stand out and increase the chances of reaching a buyer in time for you to use the cash from your rowing machine to invest in a new Weber braai before you have the family over next weekend.

    Download the Gumtree app here.

    Airtime and data

    The My Vodacom app is the best way to keep track of your balances, buy airtime and data bundles (for yourself or a friend) and manage your spend with minimal effort. Running out of money on your phone is a serious buzz-kill - but you'll never run the risk of that when you have the My Vodacom app.

    Download the My Vodacom app here.

    Note that while these apps may be free to purchase, the data required to do so is not. Log into My Vodacom for quick, simple, affordable data bundle purchases »


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