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    16 June 2019


    Shout out to South Africa's youth

    This Youth Day, 16 June, Vodacom has a special message for the young people in South Africa.

    This Youth Day, 16 June, we have a special message for the young people in South Africa. Find out what Vodacom's NXT LVL brand ambassadors have to say about the state of the country and the youth's potential.

    Selu Msweli

    This multitalented public and motivational speaker believes that, as a nation, we have come so far from where we were and the possibilities are endless.

    Pamela Mtanga

    This charismatic, creative ambassador AKA Creme de la Pam believes that hard work and boldness are the keys to success.

    Thami Mathonsi

    This singer shared his voice with the nation in 2017 on the Vodacom NXT LVL music show. Despite his success, Thami says to always remember that your studies are as important as your dreams.

    Zethe Mdletshe

    This charismatic young lady is the 2017 Vodacom NXT LVL winner. As someone who pursued her dreams and reached them, she encourages the rest of the youth to go for whatever it is they want to do, too.

    Retang and Agang Maphopha

    These Vodacom soccer scholarship recipients believe that hard work, determination and sacrifice are the core ingredients for success.

    Watch this space for more inspirational messages from Vodacom's NXT LVL brand ambassadors!