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    14 February 2019


    Shows to stream this Valentine’s Day

    Whether you’re single, in a long-term relationship or just getting started, Showmax has just the thing for you this Valentine’s Day.

    There’s no need to leave home to have the perfect Valentine’s Day. Whether staying in means enjoying the glow of new love or celebrating your fabulous singleness, Showmax has the show for you

    The flush of new love: Me Before You

    If you’re spending the evening with someone new, you’ll want to turn the romance dial to maximum. We suggest this adaptation of the Jojo Moyes novel, starring Game of Thrones’s Emilia Clarke (without the dragons). Paralysed from the neck down after an accident, a young banker gives up on life. But he didn’t count on his new caregiver, a cheerful woman trying to make ends meet, bringing light into his life.

    Bonus idea: If you want to keep the one you fancy coming back again and again, now is the perfect time to binge-watch Game of Thrones from the beginning! Showmax is the only place you can watch all seven seasons, and if you start now, you’ll be ready for the eighth season, starting on 14 April.

    Could Jon Snow be the Prince That Was Promised in Game of Thrones?

    Proud love: Sally4Ever S1

    If you prefer something a bit more off the wall, HBO’s quirky British comedy Sally4Ever will deliver some belly laughs. When Sally is courted by the free-spirited Emma, she drops her boring fiancé for a wild affair. But Emma might not be as harmless as she seems – and maybe that’s exactly what Sally needs. 

    The comfort of old love: Notting Hill

    You’ve spent plenty of Valentine’s Days together, so this one, sit back and enjoy an old favourite with your old favourite. After all, you’re still just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her … Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant reach their romantic peak in this classic romcom that’ll have you packing your bags for London.

    Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant star in the classic Notting Hill

    Passionate love: Below Her Mouth

    Put the kids to bed before you turn on this steamy movie. Jasmine thinks she has it all – a career and a fiancé – until she meets the daring Dallas, who pursues her and tempts her into a relationship. This quickly turns to steamy passion in this provocative movie.

    Love, schmaltz: The Magicians S4

    So what if you’re single? That just gives you the perfect excuse to ditch the sentimentality and enjoy another season of this popular series. It doesn’t hurt that there’s plenty of eye candy! In this season, magic has been restored to the world, but at a terrible price to our heroes, as their memories have been wiped out. And their skills have never been more needed, as a demon is on the loose. If you haven’t watched this before, never fear – all three previous seasons are available to binge-watch on Showmax too!

    The Magicians season 4 starts on Showmax this February

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