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    30 August 2019


    Simplify shopping with VodaPay

    Payment apps are fast becoming the way of the future as they're safer and more convenient. Plus apps such as VodaPay come with added in-app offers!

    Latte or cappuccino? Chicken burger or chicken salad? Black jeans or blue? We're bombarded with choices every day. Then, at the checkout, it's cash or card, cheque or savings, straight or budget, SnapScan or Zapper? You end up with a wallet full of cash and cards, and a phone full of payment apps. You've finally decided on a latte and a chicken salad, now which payment method do you use?!

    Imagine you had one option to rule them all!

    That's where VodaPay comes in. It's the only payment choice you'll ever need. The app merges a variety of methods, including near-field communication (NFC) (where you tap your phone against a terminal to pay) and QR (SnapScan and Zapper). It enables customers to link their bank card to a secure digital wallet, making transacting stress free. If you see a SnapScan or Zapper code, you can use VodaPay to pay. NFC-enabled terminal at the till? Use VodaPay.

    How does the VodaPay app work?

    As soon as you've downloaded the app, you are ready to make quick and secure payments. It is designed to simplify your shopping or payment experience while providing maximum security. It is completely PCI-DSS compliant, which allows a simple way to participate in the worldwide Mastercard Masterpass acceptance network, with the additional advantage of PIN-authenticated transactions – ensuring the utmost safety and security.

    More VodaPay benefits

    In addition to allowing you to pay all your accounts and make in-store payments, the VodaPay app also makes it easy for you to top up your data and airtime from one secure space. Plus it provides amazing offers, such as 10% more airtime! 

    This standalone app covers all these bases for smooth one-stop functionality that transcends the basic digital wallet, making it the ONLY way to pay.

    Download the VodaPay app in the Google Play Store or in the Apple Store now – and get ready to simplify your shopping experience!

    Header photo by bruce mars from Pexels