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    28 June 2018


    Singing about Opera

    Want to surf the net faster, while using less data? Check out Opera's mobile browser that promises to help you do just that.

    Want to surf the net faster, while using less data? Check out Opera's mobile browser that promises to help you do just that.

    Did you know that the browser you use on your phone can affect the quality, speed and cost of your internet experience? Opera Mini is designed to help you browse faster, and while using a whole lot less data. So how does it do that? 

    The browser compresses webpages before sending them to your phone, meaning they load quicker and could use less data. It cleverly compresses videos so they are less data-hungry, and also load much faster, meaning less buffering and smoother viewing. Opera Mini allows you to hold off downloading videos or large files until later - when you've replenished your data bundle or are using Night Owl data, for example. 

    Opera Mini also comes with an ad blocker, so you can avoid annoying ads that may slow down web pages. 

    High or Extreme? 

    With Opera Mini, you can choose what's most important to you: speed, or experience. 

    Extreme Compression Mode compresses websites to the max, saving as much data as possible - up to 90% versus conventional browsers. But that might mean that you miss out on a few pics, or even that the odd webpage fails to load properly. 

    If that's not for you, choose High Compression Mode. It will still compress web pages, saving you a bunch of data and time, but it will prioritise experience so you'll see the webpage exactly as it was intended. 

    Packed with features 

    Here's what else you can expect from Opera Mini: 

    • Private tabs: This allows you to surf the net without saving any information in the browser about which sites you’ve visited.
    • Discover feature: Feeling uninspired? This nifty feature trawls the internet for sites and news you might be interested in.
    • Speed Dial: You can save your most-visited pages and favourite content on Opera Mini’s start page using Speed Dial.
    • Themes: You can easily switch between different themes to suit your style.
    • Password Manager: Safely stores your website passwords.

    How to get Opera Mini

    Opera Mini is available for Android, iPhone, and basic phones. It's free to download, and there's no monthly subscription fee. Win! 

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