Device reviews
    09 December 2014


    Smart 4 you

    The Vodafone Smart 4 Power will turbo-charge your internet experience with super-fast LTE, a bright 5-inch screen and a great price tag.

    The Smart 4 Power is one of Vodafone’s first LTE handsets and has a solid, sturdy design, a large screen and long-lasting battery life.

    Camera: The 5MP camera includes autofocus and a flash and takes decent-quality images. There are some nifty features, including HDR and panorama mode. To satisfy your selfie needs, there’s a basic front-facing camera which is also useful for video calling. 

    As the first Vodafone device to include LTE, you can take advantage of Vodacom’s fast LTE network

    Screen: The large 5-inch screen is great for watching movies, playing games or reading books and browsing the web.

    Storage: The Smart 4 Power comes with 4GB of memory onboard, but you can expand this up to 32GB using a microSD card. This should be more than enough for all your music, photo and video needs.

    Speed: As the first Vodafone device to include LTE, you can take advantage of Vodacom’s fast LTE network. If you’re a YouTube or streaming music junkie, having a blazing-fast internet connection will really put a smile on your face. Vodacom is expanding its LTE network rapidly – check the coverage in your area with Vodacom’s useful coverage map.

    The Smart 4 Power has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and runs the latest Android 4.0 (KitKat) operating system.

    Battery: The large 3 000mAh battery will get you through at least one full day without needing a charge. 

    Another nice feature is near field communication (NFC), which means you can connect to other NFC-enabled devices such as sound systems with just a simple tap. The Smart 4 Power comes with two pre-configured NFC tags, so you can start using the technology immediately.