Smart Home Gadgets For Ultimate Convenience
30 March 2024

Nafisa Akabor

Smart Home Gadgets For Ultimate Convenience

Did you know that Vodacom has a range of smart home devices to help you manage your home faster and easier?

As fibre and 5G become more accessible, the next step is to turn your home into a smart home with devices that connect to your network. You can then access and control all of them through one central point – whether by smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Vodacom’s range of well-priced smart home devices will help get you going:  

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 

No smart home is complete without a robot vacuum! Xiaomi’s E10 model is a perfect starter device that can vacuum, mop, or do both simultaneously. It supports scheduled cleaning, varying suction levels, voice commands, and a smart water tank for efficiency.

A single charge on its 2600mAh battery yields 110 minutes of clean time in standard mode. Ideal for homes with pets, children, or if you have allergies. 

Buy it on Vodacom for R4 099

Apple HomePod Mini 

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem and would rather not use Google’s smart speaker, consider Apple’s HomePod Mini. It’s more cost-effective than the larger one, and links to your devices seamlessly, with Siri and privacy built in. With Apple’s HomeKit support, you can link your smart devices and control the HomePod Mini through voice commands on the speaker or through the top touch panel. It features Apple’s 360° audio for all your playlists and podcasts. 

Buy it on Vodacom for R2 399 

Ring Video Doorbell  

The second-generation Ring Video Doorbell with 1080p HD video is another great addition to a smart home. Two-way talk lets you monitor your gate from anywhere with real-time notifications, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition to its rechargeable battery, it supports solar charging, making it ideal for load-shedding. Other features include motion sensors, night vision, and Alexa support. You can go into Live View at any time and never miss a delivery. Additional features come with Ring Protect at $3.99 (around R74) per month. 

Buy it on Vodacom for R1 899

Mi TV Box S 

If your TV isn't of the smart variety it's no big deal. Xiaomi’s Mi TV Box S with remote just needs an HDMI port on your existing TV to unlock a whole new world: built-in Chromecast to project content from smart devices; Android TV; and up to 4K support.

If you have a newer TV, it also supports HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos sound. Apps include YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV, Spotify, etc so you can stream all multimedia content from one device.  

Buy it on Vodacom for R1 099

Connex Connect Smart WiFi IP Camera 

Whether you have small kids at home or need a camera for indoors while you’re away, the Connex Connect Smart WiFi camera offers peace of mind. This 720p IP camera lets you connect to a live feed from a smartphone, while keeping videos encrypted on its microSD card. It can record via motion sensing and has 10m night vision with two-way audio. It supports both Android and iOS. 

Buy it on Vodacom for R579

A smart home requires a reliable internet connection, and Vodacom has the most reliable network around. Check out some of our home internet options ranging from LTE to 5G and also fibre, if it's available in your area we have a deal for you.


Nafisa Akabor