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Take a leaf out of these mothers' books if becoming a mommy blogger appeals to you. Even if you're not sold on the idea of blogging about your own kids, reading these women's blogs can provide you with support and entertainment when your supermom powers are flagging. 

Rattle and Mum

Tanya Kovarsky shares parenting tips and objective reviews on products that can make your work as a parent easier or more fun. With a focus on tech, and a minimum of personal details about her son Max’s life, Rattle and Mum is a great blog to read if you’re a mom who doesn’t usually enjoy mommy blogs.

The lesson: Your blog might be more widely read if you focus on the commonly shared aspects of parenting instead of on your own kids (and if you want to blog specifically about your kids, you could create a separate blog, as Tanya has done with Dear Max.)

Three Kids, Two Dogs and One Old House

This blog proves that the lesson above need not apply – Cindy Alfino shares fairly intimate details about her family’s life, with loads of pictures of her photogenic progeny. Because the blog is so engagingly written, and because Cindy is so honest about the less-than-glamorous aspects of parenting, it’s a fun read for anyone going through similar things.

The lesson: Write about the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between, and, if you’re honest about how things really are behind the scenes, people will be drawn to your blog.

Making Mountains

For us, what differentiates Belinda Mountain’s blog from other mommy blogs with a similar mix of reviews, competitions, descriptions of recent family events, cool ideas for kids' parties, lunchboxes and outings, and selfies with kids, is the quality of her writing. Not all bloggers go to this level of effort to just make sure that their words are well chosen and well put together, and it’s a refreshing change.

The lesson: Use your talents and your blog will get more traffic than you know what to do with.

You, baby & I

This blog has a lot of useful advice from Shan, mom of two, on coping with pregnancy and with two littlies, plus inside info on parent-centred brands and products. But what makes it stand out for is us its intuitive design. The home page is clearly divided into her different types of posts, and it’s very modular and colourful, so it’s easy to navigate around and you can get right to the good stuff instead of scrolling endlessly.


The lesson: Get the design right. Pay to get your blog professionally developed, if you can.

Rupert Approves

Kate Kearney has an excellent sense of humour, which obviously serves her well as a parent – because, when you really want to cry, the only thing to do is laugh. It also makes her blog an absolute hoot. She also writes about exercise, her dogs, her quest to try new things (in a section titled 'Do something new, dammit!') and beauty products she loves, so her blog appeals to readers without kids, too.

The lesson: Remember that your blog is a respite, a place readers come to take their minds off their own lives – keeping things lighthearted can be a big drawcard. And, even if you're not naturally a witty writer (funny can't be forced), you could try writing about things other than parenting that you're interested in to increase your reader base.

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