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    24 February 2021


    Soweto car culture

    Soweto’s vibrant culture is defined by two, iconic kasi cars. Cars that gave you street cred from taxi drivers to magents, and which even drew a nod of approval from your future mother-in-law.

    Soweto’s vibrant culture is defined by two vehicles that are the iconic kasi cars. Cars that gave you street cred from taxi drivers to magents, and which even drew a nod of approval from your future mother-in-law. The Gusheshe and Kentucky Rounder. The “fresh loafs” as Papa G calls them, because, “My broer, these cars were fresher than a fresh loaf of bread”.

    The Gusheshe (BMW 325i e30) and Kentucky Rounder (Toyota Twincam GLI Sprinter) are part of an iconic Sisonke Siya Winna car giveaway from Vodacom this football season where two lucky fans will each win a custom-rebuilt Gusheshe (Orlando Pirates) and Kentucky Rounder (Kaizer Chiefs) in the team’s style and colours.

    It’s the ultimate giveaway in a tribute to an era of township icons. And nobody understands this better than Papa G (actor Darlington Michaels), who as he sits at a traditional Soweto car wash is the perfect guide to the history of how these two iconic cars were given their names.

    “In the township we easily create names for the things we love, especially cars, and these are the two cars I would think of as iconic. The love we had for these cars was incredible.

    “The Gusheshe is derived from the word Akusheshe, which is African slang for ‘Quick’. This car is fast. Amongst all of the BMWs, or BMs as we call them, die kar was the most outstanding my broer. Its speed and look made it a very popular township car, to this day. Everybody wanted one. I wanted one. I still want to own one someday.”

    The naming of the Kentucky Rounder has a more colourful history to it.

    “We loved the Toyota because it was the most affordable car for us. The petrol consumption was great, en ons het nie baie geld nie so that worked for us. The way this Toyota became known as the Kentucky Rounder is that this was the car to take out your girl in. And the best place you could take your girl was to the KFC. So if you wanted to really entertain your girl, you took her to Kentucky in this car. That’s when you were considered a real winner in her eyes. It was a beautiful car – the kind of car you wanted to show to your future mother-in-law so she could see you had class, and that jy’s nie net enige ding nie. And that’s how the car became known as the Kentucky Rounder.”

    Well-known motoring journalist Jacob Mashokoa has also long been an admirer of these two cars. “These are two cars that shaped the culture of the townships. Their names are so synonymous in the townships. They are iconic brands. When you drive a Gusheshe, the taxi drivers, the magents – everybody waves and hoots at you. These cars have a cult following.”

    And according to Papa G, much like the very football teams they will represent, the Sisonke Siya Winna Gusheshe and Kentucky Rounder will never go out of fashion.

    “These are cars that still turns heads today, and that’s because they have made a mark in our lives as icons of Soweto.”

    To stand a chance to win one of these incredible vehicles, fans from both teams simply need to follow @VodacomSoccer to get more details or click here.

    Kaizer Chiefs fans will get to double their entries when they connect and recharge with KC Mobile and for Bhakajuju fans, all they have to do to double their entries is to download the Orlando Pirates Official App.