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    08 February 2022


    Spring Clean Your Mobile Phone With The VodaPay Super App

    The average smartphone user’s device has ±80 apps, many of which they don’t use. Discover VodaPay’s one-stop solution to cleaning up your home screen, boosting your phone’s performance and saving you time.

    It’s a fresh new year and you’re probably determined to stick to your resolutions and streamline your life. But did you know a simple spring clean of your mobile device can boost your productivity and your mobile phone health?  

    We live in a world of digital overload, with massive amounts of choice – particularly when it comes to apps. Android users can now choose between 3.48 million apps from Google Play and iPhone owners have access to 3.74 million apps via iStore. You can find an app for pretty much anything, but how many of those you download do you end up using? 

    According to Social Media Today, the average smartphone user has 80 apps on their phone but only uses ±30 per month. This means more than 62% of these apps are seldom used, and a whopping 25% are used only once after being downloaded. So why not seize the moment to spring clean your device and boost its memory and battery life? 

    Of course, like many people, you may be reluctant to delete your beloved brand apps. The great news is that VodaPay has the perfect one-stop solution. The super-secure Super App is just one single app on your phone – but it houses an incredible digital mall with all the other mini-programs sitting inside it. The Super App is a unique destination for everything you could wish to do digitally, from paying bills and getting insurance to gaming, music, design, travel, couriering, shopping, and more! 

    Best practice for smart phones is to limit your apps to those you really need; more apps take up space and make it easier for your phone to be hacked. Apps also run in the background, sending unnecessary notifications and requiring updating. Plus, if you’re checking your phone a hundred times a day (literally), it makes sense to avoid scrolling by having everything on your home screen. 

     VodaPay has partnered with more than 50 favourite South African brands, and you’ll find them all within the Super App. These include Clicks, KFC, NetFlorist, Makro, Builders Warehouse, Readers Warehouse, Exclusive Books, Betway, Limited Wine, and others.   

    Download the VodaPay App today! 

    By downloading the free Super App – you don’t even need to be a Vodacom customer – and deleting the apps you don’t need, you can boost your device’s performance. Start streamlining your life now and make the Super App the number one go-to spot on your phone – even if it’s the only New Year’s resolution you stick to!