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    02 October 2019

    Biddi Rorke

    Stream-worthy cooking shows to watch right now

    Whether you’re a committed foodie, a nervous newbie or anything in-between, there’s a cooking show for you.

    Looking for culinary inspiration? Interested in taking a weekday supper to new heights? Or happy to slouch on the couch while watching the professionals whisk up something droolicious? Get your foodie fix with these shows – then brandish your spatula with aplomb.

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    Once you start watching TSA Afrika – a cooking show that explores Africa’s diverse cultures and food varieties – you’ll embark on a food journey that challenges your cooking repertoire and encourages you to try new, unusual ingredients.

    For those who love the versatility of chicken – but run out of ideas when it comes to flavourful ways of presenting it, Cooking with Charlotte is for you. This series encompasses everything that is fresh, tasty and fun – and the recipes are next level delicious. Each episode focuses on one dish – so whether you’re in the mood for something Oriental, something with Cajun spices or something with a Spanish twist, you can simply scan the episodes and choose the recipe that appeals to your taste buds. And whether you’re cooking for a large family, creating a romantic meal for two or simply on the hunt for an innovative dish you can eat solo, you’re spoilt for choice. Take your pick of Chicken Jambalaya, Cantonese Lemon Chicken, Roast Chicken with Orange Glaze or Chicken Balls in Ginger Sauce to name just a few of the recipes. With more than 23 episodes to watch, you’ll be a pro at whipping up insta-worthy chicken dishes at the end of it.

    From Sea To Plate is another short format cooking show. It focuses on the bounty of the ocean and shows you how to rustle up quick, delicious seafood without too much fuss. If Sardines with Spinach Tomatoes and Peanuts or a Tuna and Tomato Breakfast Omelette piques your interest, just dip into one the three-minute episodes and enjoy. The emphasis here is healthy, mouth-watering seafood in a flash.

    Food of SA is another Video Play favourite, and promises a round-up of interesting local cuisine and novel ways of preparing basic ingredients.

    Full disclosure: We can’t guarantee that one or two episodes of any of these local cooking shows will turn you into a culinary genius – but we’re pretty sure they’ll turn you into a binge-watcher.

    Happy viewing – and maybe even cooking!

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    Biddi Rorke