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The season of giving is upon us! We've helped to make your life easier by rounding up our favourite techie presents each person in your family would love to have. From great-value smartphone and tablets, to one outrageous gadget, we've found something for everyone. 

For paparazzi parents

Cameras on smartphones just keep getting better. Those with Burst Mode, such as the LG G3, capture the moment in a series of fast shots so you can pick the best ones later.

When you’re shooting fast-moving kids, it’s a feature you’ll absolutely love. On the G3, you don’t have to choose it as an option first – when the action starts happening, you can just hold down the shutter key and the camera will do the rest. 

You can also launch the camera very easily – just press the volume button. Even if the screen is off, a two-second hold will unlock and launch the camera. It’s great for parents on the go.

For social media junkies

Teens and switched-on silver surfers enjoying their retirement travels will all have the latest smartphone accessory on their wish lists: the selfie stick. 

It’s a monopod designed to give you one arm long enough for a perfect selfie, even with groups. Now if only Bradley Cooper had had one when he snapped Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie at the Oscars, Jared Leto would have made it into the pic.

For Dad

So you’ve got the Sony Xperia Z3? Then all you’re missing is the Sony PlayStation 4. It’ll set you back a few thousand rand, but gaming junkies will agree it’s worth it. And you can connect your PlayStation to your Sony smartphone. Find out how.

For the youngsters

These days, tablets aren’t just fun to have – they’re essential tools for learning. But the last place you probably want to place the latest iPad is in the hands of your irresponsible pre-teen. Snap up the Vodacom Smart Tab 3G  – we reviewed it, and it’s incredibly packed with features for such a reasonable price. Your kids will love it!

For teens

There’s nothing more exciting than opening a promising box only to discover it holds a brand-new smartphone! Teens and bargain-hunters alike will love the Vodacom Smart Kicka, one of the best value smartphones on the market. Packed with features, the Kicka has a pleasing pricetag of only R549 on Prepaid, and from R49 per month on uChoose Flexi 50.

For the person who has everything

Out of ideas? If you too are the sort of person who has everything (i.e. a billionaire), you may want to consider buying your nearest and dearest the latest must-have home entertainment gadget: the LG 105UC9 TV. It has a 105-inch ultra high-definition curved screen, a resolution of over a 11 million pixels, and a recommended retail price of just R1 million. For all that entertainment power, it’s a bargain!

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