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Vodacom Now!

Vodacom has been #ConnectingforGood in so many ways:

Supporting families 

  • Free access to Mum & Baby supported over a million customers so they could #StayConnected to reliable health information and tools, even from the comfort of their homes.
  • To overcome the barriers and let job-seekers #StayConnected to online vacancy postings, we’ve invested over R1 billion to zero-rate the use of employment portals. 

Access to online education

  • Vodacom’s e-School has allowed over a million learners to #StayConnected to home-studies, with curriculum-aligned content at zero cost.
  • Our goal in 2019 was to make the country’s top university sites free—with no data costs for our customers to #StayConnected.
  • In 2019, the #VodacomFoundation helped Vision 2030 #StayConnected with a system that enabled learning from childhood by using technology and innovation to help develop future skills.
  • We helped 250 000 teachers across SA #StayConnected to new skills via our 92 Teacher Training Centres, providing ICT resources and internet connectivity to ensure learning was a possibility.
  • We have invested a total of R14 million in bursaries, while also helping more than1 500 beneficiaries #StayConnected to their academic goals, all in the hope of achieving a better future through education.

Graduate support

  • Vodacom aims to help SA’s future leaders #StayConnected through learning all levels of the business via the Discover Graduate Programme, which received 6 500 applications last year.
  • In 2019, we helped more than 400 unemployed youth #StayConnected to graduate with certified diplomas from our Youth Academy, while others received skills and training to further their lives.

Creating more inclusivity for all 

  • Access to emergency services should not be difficult for those with disabilities. That’s why we created the 112 Emergency Service App to help those with impediments #StayConnected in the times they’ll need it most.
  • The need for more women in STEM careers is why we created Code Like a Girl, offering young girls the chance to #StayConnected to an interest in this field.

Access to more people

  • In 2019, we were able to ensure 200 rural networks #StayConnected in SA by extending our coverage to people in deeper rural areas—just another year of #ConnectingForGood that you helped make happen.
  • We have invested more than R9 billion to improve our network performance and increase the coverage, letting you #StayConnected.
  • We have invested at least half a million rand to ensure our network is accessible during tough times, including the purchase of batteries for towers and base stations to #StayConnected.
  • We continue to digitise SA’s municipalities through 4IR solutions, which helps them #StayConnected to enhance revenue collection, curb electricity infrastructure tampering and increase billing accuracy.

Backing women in business

  • Over R5 million has been invested in the Women Farmers Programme to help women across SA #StayConnected to opportunities. 1 000 female farmers are receiving digital training, thanks to this initiative.

Civil servant support

  • In order to combat an alarming crime rate in SA, we launched MySAPS, allowing citizens to #StayConnected to police services for valuable information.

Supporting those affected by GBV

  • Thanks to your support, we could invest over R4 million to create SA’s first national Gender-based Violence Command Centre, a way for victims to #StayConnected, made possible with your help.

Partnering to help SME's

  • With our new financing service VodaLend|Business Advance, we ensured the tools needed for SMEs to #StayConnected were easy to access, because funding shouldn’t be a major challenge in the SME landscape. Just another way we spent the last year #ConnectingForGood.

  • Last year, we launched the Fast Forward Series, hosting workshops and interactive sessions aimed at helping SMEs #StayConnected to growing within SA’s business environment.

Investing in Africa

  • Last year, we launched the low-cost smartphone to increase mobile access in SA while supporting African innovation so you could #StayConnected while keeping your distance.

Financial assistance 

  • Through various campaigns, Grace Masenya and Songezo Mampungu both became proud owners of their first-ever cars, a gift that you made happen with your support.

  • Through M-Pesa, we’ve helped over 50 million financial customers #StayConnected with financial services they otherwise would not have access to, which is now more important than ever.

  • Last year, we gave 18 children the full use of their facial expressions with free surgery and treatments to bring back their smiles.

Keeping you safe

  • Safety and security remains one of the top priorities in SA. With our consumer IoT product range, V by Vodacom, we secured peace of mind for our customers and their loved ones by ensuring they could #StayConnected to the security of their homes.

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