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Vodacom Now!

There are few feelings more thrilling than opening the box of your brand-new phone. Before you start surfing the web and making calls, here are the first things you should do with your new Android. 

Take it out the box

This is pretty obvious. Take it out of the box, checking that the charger and all promised accessories are there. Remove all the protective films (what a feeling!) and, if applicable, install the battery. Install your Vodacom SIM and turn it on!

Charge it - or not

Cellphone batteries have come a long way since the old days when you had to charge your new phone for hours. If it turns on when you take it out of the box, go ahead and use it without charging it at all. You don’t need to leave it for a super-long charge - just charge it as you normally would from the get-go.

Set it up

You’ll already be connected to your Vodacom number, if it’s already active. Make sure you have a data bundle, or set up your home Wi-Fi connection. Be aware that a new phone often does updates that can use a lot of data.

If it prompts you, update the operating system. A new phone could have left the factory a while before, meaning new updates have come out in the meantime. Best to have the latest version of Android.

Then sign into your Google account. You have an Android phone which means you’re living in the Google-verse now!

Most Android phones come with a lot of Google and other apps installed. Prepare for the update onslaught now!

If you don’t want to update your apps (if you don’t have the data right now, for example), go into Google Play and disable Automatic Updates.

Make it secure

If you haven’t already been prompted to, make sure you set your password, or fingerprint or facial recognition now. Most newer phones allow you to set fingerprint access for more than one person, so set up your partner or family member now too if someone else uses your phone a lot. Learn more about your phone’s security with this guide to hacking and passwords.

Be #Datawyze

With any new phone, it’s vital to make sure that all your apps and settings are optimitized to help you use less data. Step one is to disable Smart Network Switch, that setting that tells your phone to switch to mobile data when Wi-Fi signal is weak. Go to Settings > Connection > WiFi > Advanced or More > Smart Network Switch and turn it off.

Check your social network settings and make sure your phone isn’t automatically backing up to the cloud - disable mobile data use for apps like Google Photos or Dropbox.

For more tips on being #Datawyze, check out our Tips & Tricks.

Set up Find my phone

Google has a great feature that helps you find your phone when you lose it. But it doesn’t work unless you set it up! Go to this link in Google and set it up now. Read more about what to do if you lose your phone here.

Get phone insurance

Okay, you’re ready to go. But don’t take another step without making sure one of your biggest assets is insured. Vodacom will insure your device from as little as R20 per month, and covers you against accidental damage, theft or loss. Go to the Vodacom website to find out more.

Note that in order to claim, your phone's Vodacom SIM needs to have been in the device when it was lost, stolen or damaged, and, if overseas, roaming must have been activated.

Vodacom Device Insurance is available to Prepaid customers within seven days of purchase, while Contract customers can insure their devices within 30 days of purchase.

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