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While the world is excited about the future rollout of 5G networks and their benefits, it will still be some time before these networks and compatible devices are available to the average South African consumer. 

So if you’re currently looking for fast mobile data speeds and a more seamless mobile internet experience, 4G is the way to go. Here are the top benefits of choosing a 4G plan.

4G coverage

The type of internet plan you can get depends on whether networks have rolled out the required infrastructure. This is a major reason why many people aren’t yet able to upgrade to fibre internet. 

But 4G coverage in South Africa, as well as speedy 4G LTE coverage, spans across all major centres, large towns and major routes in the country. In fact, Vodacom was the first mobile operator in Africa to roll out 4G connectivity to more than 90.4% of the population

You can check Vodacom’s 4G LTE coverage on the mobile coverage map.

How to switch to Vodacom 4G on Android 

The speed of 4G

4G internet connectivity is significantly faster than the older 3G technology. On a 4G connection, you can get download speeds of up to 86.37Mbps, with 40.15Mbps on average – up to six times faster than 3G. 

This is perfect for daily uses, such as checking your messages, social media and email. But it’s especially useful when it comes to streaming content such as videos and music on your mobile device.

Device compatibility with 4G

While 5G compatibility is currently limited to very few (usually high-end) devices, this is not the case with 4G. Since 4G was first introduced in 2008, the majority of recent devices, from budget to premium brands, have 4G compatibility.

How to switch to Vodacom 4G on iOS

4G data doesn’t cost more than 3G data

One concern people have about upgrading to a 4G network connection is the cost. However, it won’t cost you more – you will still be billed on how much data you use, not the speed of that data.

Free SIM card upgrade with Vodacom

To connect to a 4G network, you also need the correct type of SIM card. If you currently have an old SIM card that only connects to 3G, Vodacom will provide a free SIM card swap if you upgrade to a 4G plan. The best part is that you get to keep your old number and information.

Want to know more? Find the answers on Vodacom's 4G FAQ page.

Header photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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