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Vodacom Now!

Imagine, as a woman, being stuck on the road because your car just won’t start. This is where Vodacom Hero Assist comes in. It’s a service that’s available on your phone 24/7 for any emergencies; and it covers both Home and Roadside Assistance to ensure you’re never left stranded.

The Vodacom Roadside Assist package comes with access to a team of dedicated case managers and a country-wide connection to accredited assistance service providers who help with roadside emergencies. These include the most common vehicle problems as well as where women can be particularly vulnerable and need speedy emergency back-up:

Flat battery – Hero Assist will be on hand to arrange to jump-start a battery whether the break down is at home or while you’re out and about. If your vehicle is under warranty it will be towed to your nearest franchise dealer.

Keys locked in vehicle - A locksmith will be on site to open the vehicle and get the car keys.

Flat tyre – A hero will be called out to help to change the tyre, using the spare.

Running out of fuel - This can be most inconvenient and also dangerous when it happens at the wrong time in the wrong place. The hero in your pocket will arrange for fuel to be delivered to the vehicle.

Mechanical and electrical breakdown – Whether at home or on the road, Hero Assist will be there. For a breakdown during the night in an unsafe area a professional security guard will be called out to protect you while the emergency service arrives. So much less stress!

 In addition to Roadside Assist, Vodacom also has Home Drive Assist.  If you’re stranded and need a lift home, the hero in your pocket is there, with the Drive Assist package giving you six trips a year when needed which includes taking other passengers safely home with you.


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