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    27 July 2018

    Drew Hook

    The best apps for expectant parents 🍼

    Whether they’re telling you just how big your baby is, explaining the latest pregnancy symptoms or documenting everything with videos and pictures, here's our list of the best pregnancy apps

    One of the upsides to raising kids in the modern era is the easy access to information, literally at your fingertips. The nine months of pregnancy can be a tricky time for any first-time parents, and it's helpful to know that there are others out there going through the same issues. 

    The Bump Daily Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

    The Bump app delivers all the helpful information from their main website directly to your smartphone to help you track and foster baby’s development. With a daily personalised article feed, baby registry platform, a planner guide to help you prep for your doctor visits and a Real Answers section where you get personalised expert answers to all your pregnancy questions, this is one of the best apps to have by your side throughout your pregnancy.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

    This app was literally designed to nurture every pregnant woman who downloads it. Keep a health awareness log, research your symptoms, socialize with other pregnant women with the same due date, and track your pregnancy appointments in a planner. It also comes with a baby-kick counter and a contraction timer.

    Available for iOS and Android.


    Cinemama lets you turn daily photos of your belly into a fun movie memento of your pregnancy. You can also record memories and milestones in a diary while staying informed with weekly tips. The more photos you take, the better your movie will turn out. The app then gives you the opportunity to customise your video with images and music, before sharing it with friends and family.

    Available for iOS and Android 

    Siyakha Mum & Baby

    Vodacom Siyakha Mum & Baby was released last year, and already provides over a million caregivers with stage-based pregnancy information and advice in the form of educational articles, videos and more. Mum & Baby is a service that you can sign up to for FREE from your Vodacom SIM card and it doesn’t use any data. Mum & Baby will send you helpful SMSes at key points in your pregnancy, offering advice, hints and tips and info on your baby’s progress. Once baby is born, Mum & Baby has even more helpful information and tips for parents and any other caregivers. 

    What’s more, the tool is available on USSD or via a mobisite, making it easy to access, even when you’re on the go.

    If you’re excited to learn more about your baby’s development during pregnancy, as well as receive important health tips and advice to guide you along the way, you'll love having a tool like Mum & Baby always at your fingertips.

    Who's Your Daddy?

    And lastly, there's an app for all expectant dads as well. Who's your Daddy? comes with the usual pregnancy tracking tools — weekly updates, a development timeline, a hospital bag checklist, and a contraction counter, but with a bit of dad-humour woven into each feature. The helpful hints let Dad know exactly what to do (foot rubs, back massages and more), while daily reminders give him insight into what his pregnant partner is going through every step of the way.

    Available for iOS and Android 



    Drew Hook