08 August 2018

    Drew Hook

    The best cat videos online 🐈 😺

    Wednesday the 8th of August is International Cat Day, and what better way to celebrate it than spending time watching the best cat videos ever made online.

    It's time to celebrate the paw-fect feline in your life this International Cat day. Held on 8 August each year, the day is a 24-hour long recognition of the special feline in your family. So, roll out the red carpet, grab the catnip and celebrate all that is great about the cats with this collection of the best cat videos online.

    Keyboard Cat

    The original and still one of the best. Keyboard Cat has gone on to be one of the internet's defining memes, sparking numerous homages, parodies and pop culture references. For all of that, it's really just a simple video of a cat jamming out on his keyboard (with maybe a little help from his owner).

    Theme song cat

    Cats and pop-culture go together like peas and carrots. If you want proof, then look no further than the thousands of videos of cats 'singing' theme songs to their favourite shows. Our favourite is still this cat named Arya performing the theme song to HBO's Game of Thrones.  

    Zombie cats

    If you love the Walking Dead (and cats) then there's a video for you: Cats vs Zombies! Watch as these furry survivalists mow down the endless hoardes of undead with the cool, calm and calculated air that only cats possess. 

    Angry cats

    Anyone who's ever owned a cat knows that you're always one swipe away from a claw to the face. And while it's no fun being on the receiving end of this, it's always good for a laugh when it's happening to other people.

    Heroic cat

    And lastly, while cats tend to get bad rap from non-cat owners (who think of them as aloof and uncaring), here's a video of a heroic cat saving his owner's son from a neighbourhood dog. 


    If you love cats (or dogs, we dont mind) and are considering another addition to your family, remember that there are animal shelters around the country who are always looking for potential owners. Below are a couple of resources to help you when choosing your next furry-friend. 

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