29 April 2022


    The best comedies to stream on Showmax

    This World Laughter Day (1st May) we look at the top comedies that bring the LOLs.

    Get ready for a binge-watch session of hilarious and epic proportions. These are the top-rated, most acclaimed and most popular comedy series and comedy movies on Showmax.

    If you had to press us on the comedy series we enjoyed the most on this list, we’d have to say Resident Alien, about an extraterrestrial posing as a doctor in small-town America. And the best of these comedy movies, in our opinion, has to be Booksmart, which is a riot of a buddy comedy with a strong LGBTQ theme and an excellent performance by Beanie Feldstein (did you know that she’s Jonah Hill’s sister? Now that you know, you won’t be able to unsee the resemblance).

    The best thing about a lot of the series on this list is that their episodes are short and sweet – Tali’s Baby Diary, for example, has episodes that clock in at under 30 minutes, and ditto for Brooklyn Nine Nine.

    Click on the titles to start watching immediately. And… go!

    What to watch

    Tali’s Baby Diary | Showmax Original

    Resident Alien S1

    HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1-7

    What We Do In The Shadows S1-2

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