21 November 2017


    The best drone footage of 2017

    From arctic lakes to tigers at play, here is some of the most amazing drone footage of 2017.

    Since the beginning of time the sky has filled our minds with a sense of excitement and exploration, and now technology is letting us experience the open air like never before.

    The popularity of drones across the world has allowed every would-be film and documentary maker access to never before seen areas across the planet, showing us the world from an entirely new perspective. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most breathtaking drone footage of 2017, and remember to watch in full screen for the maximum effect. 

    Eric Cheng - Eruption at Bardarbunga Volcano

    Ever want to know what the inside of a volcano looks like? Eruption at Bardarbunga Volcano puts viewers right in the hot seat, taking them inside the heart of an active volcano. But be warned, you may find yourself getting a little hot under the collar while viewing this footage.

    Koh Yao Noi - Philip Bloom

    Filmaker Philip Bloom documented his recent trip to Thailand with the help of his DJI Phantom drone, giving viewers an in-depth view of the countryside and its people. All in a stunning 2.7K.

    Drone & Tigers - David Etienne Durivage

    For animal enthusiasts, there is very little that can rival the majesty and beauty of a tiger in its natural habitat. Using drones we can now see these amazing creatures without forcing our way into their territory, although one well-timed swipe of those paws and the footage would have ended prematurely. 

    Pod of Humpback Whales off Cape Town - Kieran Donnely

    Kieran Donnely's footage of a pod of humpback whales just off the coast of Cape Town caused an international stir, and it's not hard to see why. Watching these enormous creatures slowly navigate the waters is a spellbinding sight to behold. 

    DJI Mavic Pro drone - Iceland

    Few countries can offer the type of natural, barren beauty that Iceland has to offer. Which may be why some of your favourite films and TV shows are currently being filmed there (including Game of Thrones, Prometheus, and Noah).