09 June 2021

    Sam Wright

    The best local esport streamers to watch now

    Meet the South African streamers who are taking esports to the next level

    As esports continues to develop in South Africa so has the vibrant streaming community. While it might seem odd to think about watching someone play games, as opposed to playing them yourself, once you’ve watched an entertaining live stream you’re hooked! According to Statista, at the start of 2021 8.8 BILLION hours of video game live streams were watched worldwide and this number continues to grow. 

    Popular social platforms like YouTube and Facebook now offer live streaming, and streaming platform Twitch has risen in popularity as more gamers share their live gameplay with the world. Despite some of the difficulties around connection and internet speed, South Africans have steadily started to build strong and exciting communities on these platforms. If you’re looking for some local streamers to enjoy, these four accounts are definitely worth checking out:

    The Caramel Gamer

    With more than 18 000 followers on Twitch, The Caramel Gamer has risen to fame as a UK-based South African streamer who mainly plays popular Electronic Arts battle royale Apex Legends. While not a fully competitive player, he regularly features in community tournaments and streamer royale competitions. His stream is ultra-high energy with top-level gameplay.

    If you’re looking for a streamer who will not only give you great gameplay but also ensure you’re regularly chuckling and invested in the live show every day, The Caramel Gamer is one to watch. He’s also signed as an official content creator to one of South Africa’s longest-running and most successful gaming organisations, Bravado Gaming.

    Check out his Twitch channel here 


    UGCZA on Twitch is the best place for fighting games enthusiasts to view some of the top players in the country competing in a variety of competitions. On weekdays you can also watch the UGCZA crew stream games and engage with the community.

    UGC is a fighting games event company that focuses on growing the fighting games community in South Africa. It’s known for producing commercial-grade content and world-class tournaments. The brothers behind the company have become well-known personalities in the SA esports space and their streams are a fantastic source of entertaining esports content.

    Check out the Twitch channel here 


    MissLadyJay is considered one of the top 100 players in the world of Gwent, an online competitive card game. She started out playing competitive COD and now streams her Gwent play – whether playing ladder, practising, setting up her decks or competing. If want to have a competitive player show you what it takes to be one of the best at your chosen game, MissLadyJay’s stream is an ideal place to watch and learn.

    Her streams are focused on gameplay, with a very chilled and relaxed vibe to the show. She’s also partnered with Twitch and is an official content creator for Bravado Gaming.

    Check out her Twitch channel here


    If YouTube is your platform of choice then you likely already know popular South African creators Sibu Mpanza and OkayWasabi. Both YouTubers rose to fame with their personal channels and have since joined forces to form ArcadeZA – a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming and tech content. Both are avid gamers and can be found playing mobile games like Free Fire as well as popular battle royale Fortnite.

    Much of their gameplay is also console-focused. While the pair aren’t competitive players, they provide a great look at the casual gaming experience in South Africa as a player. They also compete in streamer and influencer competitions, which are tons of fun to watch. The channel has a host of interesting videos to watch, and its creators also regularly live stream their gameplay for you to enjoy. 

    For more on Sam Wright, check out her own Twitch channel here!

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