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Here’s how mums on the go can boost their super powers.

We know life doesn’t come with a manual, and that's why we have special people in our lives to guide us along and love us, no matter what. It doesn't need to be your mum – but whoever it is, she has a few special tricks up her sleeve to keep organised. Here are some techy tools and apps to give you eyes at the back of your head.


Monday morning comes around, and everyone is frantically looking for a set of keys or Sipho's gym bag. With Tile, you can use your phone to quickly find what you're looking for. Simply attach the Tile (a small plastic square with a keychain hole, battery, and Bluetooth 4.0 support all built in) to your important everyday items. When you need to find them in a hurry, use the Tile app to locate your stuff. Place it on backpacks, a set of keys, a wallet or anything that you often misplace.

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The physical and digital worlds are filled with danger. With the MamaBear app, parents can encourage their kids to explore while they keep an eye on their activity on social media, apps and in the real world. Monitor your child’s social media activity, video history, received and sent text messages, physical location and even their driving speed. Get the app on iOS and Android

Philips Wake-up Light

Struggling to get the kids out of bed every morning? Philips have introduced the wake-up light, a stunning and ingenious alarm clock designed to wake you up as nature intended. It uses soothing sounds and natural light to ease you into a new day.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

With Samsung's latest smartphone, they have built on the excellent quality of the Galaxy range, and added some truly unique super powers. It's guaranteed to be your perfect companion, with a stunning display, a powerful camera to capture all your family adventures, and IP68-rated dust- and water- resistant rating.   

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Please note: While apps may be free to download and use, the data required to do so is not. You can buy data bundles from Vodacom Online ».

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