01 April 2020

    Lauren Goldman

    The coolest TikTok features

    The newest social network offers many entertaining features. Here are some of our favourites.

    Last year, TikTok was declared the seventh most-downloaded app of the decade. But what makes this short-form mobile video platform so popular? Here are some of the effects we just can't get enough of.

    Hand Gestures

    This allows you to create scenes where multiple subjects intersect each other by using a specific hand gesture to indicate a new freeze frame. It started as a relatively simple feature, but patience and creativity turned it into a hot trend, with hilarious results. Take a look at Guava Juice's hilarious video to see where a little imagination can get you.

    Green Screen

    With Green Screen, you can really turn yourself into a filmmaker. It allows you to select an image from your phone library to use as a background in your video. At the end of last year, TikTok expanded this to include Green Screen Video. Now you can use up to 60 seconds of an existing video as a background.

    You can see this in action here.


    Last year, TikTok announced their partnership with GIPHY. This allows you to enhance your videos with fun GIF Stickers that perfectly capture the spirit of the moment. GIPHY also turned memes that started on TikTok into GIFs and added those to their library so you can share them across other platforms such as Slack or Instagram too.

    GIPHY on TikTok

    Click here to download TikTok now and keep an eye out for our #Datawyze tips to make sure you can capture every moment at all times.

    Lauren Goldman