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    12 July 2017


    The first 5 things to do on your new Galaxy S8

    So you've just scored the best Samsung phone yet and want to get the best out of it? We've got you covered.

    So you've just scored the best Samsung phone yet and want to get the best out of it? We've got you covered.

    Securing your phone

    The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 + offers plenty of choice when it comes to keeping your device secure, like face recognition, iris and fingerprint scanning, as well as password protection. Set up any one of these methods simply by going to the Lock screen and Security menu in Settings, and registering your face, fingerprint and iris. With a registered fingerprint, onscreen password and either iris or facial scanning enabled, you'll have three ways to quickly unlock your phone.

    Set up the Blue Light filter

    Many of us like to use our phone in bed to catch up with emails, news and social media, but the blue light of the screen could be impacting your sleep. Samsung's got an easy fix, though, in the form of a Blue Light filter. You can turn this on manually, either by going to Display > Blue Light Filter in the Settings app, or by pulling down the notification tray and turning it on there instead. This strips out the blue light, leaving your screen looking warmer and yellower. You can also schedule it to activate between sunset and sunrise.

    Full screen apps

    The Galaxy S8 comes with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio that means a lot of your apps won’t be designed to fit from the start. You can however simply tell your S8 to force all your apps into the new aspect ratio. Just go to Settings > Display > Full screen apps and flip the switch for all the apps on your phone. There’s no need to do so for Samsung’s apps as they’re already optimised for the display and most of Google’s bundled apps are enabled by default, but you’ll need to flip the switch individually for any apps you install after taking the phone out of the box.

    Set up Edge Panels

    These handy shortcuts pop out from the edge of the curved screen - hence the name. There are plenty to choose from, including app shortcuts, phonebook contacts, weather, news and other reminders. Only a few are turned on by default, though, and the handle that you have to swipe to open up the edge panels might not be in the best place for your fingers. To change it, go to Settings > Display > Edge Screen and tap on Edge Panels.

    From here, you can toggle on different panels, or tap the three dots in the top right and select Handle Settings to move the location of the trigger, make it bigger, or turn it transparent so it doesn't get in the way of your apps.

    Get the best audio with Adapt Sound

    The Galaxy S8's AKG in-ears are some of the best bundled headphones to come with a new device, and paired with Samsung's Adapt Sound will make your tracks sound crisper, clearer and more precise, without the need to spend a fortune on expensive headphones.

    Go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Sound Quality and Effects, and scroll down to Adapt Sound. This will then walk you through a sound test, where you listen out for beeps at different pitches. Just tap yes or no if you can hear them or not, and make sure you're somewhere quiet while you're doing it. At the end, you'll have a custom EQ setting tweaked especially for you.

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