28 October 2021

    Nafisa Akabor

    The latest in AI home appliances

    The advent of 5G and fibre has opened way for more IoT devices. Here’s how you can expand on your smart home. 

    Remote working in the pandemic has sped-up technology like never before; allowing technologies like 5G to roll out faster, and fibre connectivity prices to drop. 

    The result of a faster connection with a larger capacity means more room for smart appliances. These AI powered appliances have their own connectivity and can feed data to a paired app, which can be controlled from a smartphone, smart speaker or through scheduled times. In the last year, we’ve seen more appliances hit our shores with built-in connectivity, making it easier to expand on a smart home. 

    Here are some new connected appliances to consider: 

    iRobot Roomba 

    The iconic iRobot brand is now in SA with a range of automated vacuum cleaners. The Roomba models are available at various price points and available either as a standalone unit or with a docking station that can be added later on. It uses dual multi-surface brushes to clean tiles, hardwood, and carpets, which sucks up pet hair without tangling it. It also focuses on dirtier areas, and if low on power, returns to the dock for a recharge, before picking up where it left off. The dock allows it to empty itself without human intervention for up to 60 days using its AllergenLock bags. You can also set schedules when to run it, like if you’re not home as it can be loud. The higher-end Roomba models can map out your home. If you have a smart speaker, you can pair it and simply use voice commands to ask it to clean. Pricing starts at R4999. 


    Mi Smart Air Fryer 

    There’s been no shortage of airfryers lately but the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is one that is bound to catch your attention due to affordability. It pairs with the Mi Home App and works with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa with voice commands. As with any air fryer, it promotes a healthier lifestyle by using less oil and being low-fat. The airfryer has an OLED customised touch screen panel to access controls, supports smart scheduling up to 24 hours in advance, and gives you access to thousands of recipes via the app. It also goes beyond being an airfryer; it bakes, makes yoghurt, defrosts, and makes dried fruit. The temperature can be adjusted from 40°C to 200°C, and using dual speed motor, rotates up to 1800RPM. It costs R2099. 

    air fryer

    LG ArtCool Air Conditioner 

    LG has a smart ThinQ platform of appliances that uses AI to learn your preferences, be energy efficient, supports voice commands and has smart diagnostics. It supports LG’s ArtCool air conditioners, and just like the name suggests, it is a stylish unit that is meant to fit in with your living space with a focus on minimalism. It promises to offer 60% energy saving and 30% fast cooling, while sterilising the air with its built-in ionizer. The unit can be accessed on the app for complete remote control. Pricing starts at R20 999. 


    Fibre to your home

    Vodacom offers a variety of home internet solutions, including fibre-to-the-home and LTE plans. Click here to check if there’s Vodacom fibre coverage in your area. Visit the Vodacom LTE site as well to see our LTE internet products. 

    Nafisa Akabor