Device reviews
    02 June 2015


    The LG G4 has launched

    Last week LG unveiled its highly anticipated LG G4 handset at a media event in Johannesburg. NAFISA AKABOR was there.

    The LG G4 is already being hailed as the best Android handset for 2015.

    In terms of my immediate first impressions, the slight arc of the handset is ergonomic and sits nicely in the hand. It has a 5.5-inch quad HD screen that doesn't feel like a massive block in your hand. LG managed to squeeze the screen into a 138.8mm body, like it did with previous handsets. And the 3 000mAh battery is removable. Interestingly, you can opt for a genuine leather finish as well as a more conventional metallic titanium finish. While the leather G4 does stand out, I prefer the titanium.

    Camera is key

    The G4’s focal point is its 16MP camera, which is unsurprising as an outstanding camera is one of the most sought-after features when making a smartphone purchase these days.

    If you thought the laser camera on the G3 was good, you'll be very impressed by the G4. It has a F1.8 aperture lens, which allows 80 percent more light to reach the sensor. This makes it especially good in low-light conditions. This, coupled with OIS 2.0, means a better range for image stabilisation.

    A manual mode allows experienced photographers to tinker with shutter speed, IOS, exposure, focus and white balance. You can also save images in an uncompressed RAW format. The selfie cam has been bumped up to 8MP and Gesture Shot can take four shots every two seconds.

    Deon Prinsloo, General Manager for LG Mobile in South Africa says the G4 is 'the most ambitious phone we’ve ever created'.

    Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage expandable via microSD. The 5.5-inch IPS display has 538ppi (2560x1440), weighs 155g, and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

    The LG G4 will be available on Vodacom soon for R8 999 on Prepaid. Contract prices have not yet been announced.

    *Pricing on devices and plans are accurate at time of publishing on Vodacom now! and may change over time.