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    18 April 2017


    The LG G6 for business

    The newly launched LG G6 is the flagship that has taken the world by storm, with its elegant waterproof build and massive screen.

    The newly launched LG G6 is the flagship that has taken the world by storm, with its elegant waterproof build and massive screen.

    As much as we loved the LG G5, we have to say that the South Korean manufacturer has upped its game with the G6. Whether we find it so impressive because it's the first flagship of the year from a big-name brand; And the G6 is certainly a good-looking, practical, reliable phone with some truly unique features as evident by the its 36 awards recieved at the Mobile World Congress 2017. 

    1. The screen

    The LG G6 screen is large, at 5.7 inches, and takes up a whopping 80% of the phone. The margins are impressively thin, and the size of the screen gives it a luxurious feel.

    The aspect ratio (i.e. the ratio of the height of the screen to its width) of the G6 is different to that on most other phones, which sit at 16:9. The display on the G6, which has been branded as 'Fullvision', is 18:9, meaning that the height of the screen is double the width. Making the screen longer (or wider, depending on the screen orientation) means you've got more pixels to play with on the display, which makes viewing videos and gaming a treat. On certain shows and movies, you won't get the black bars on either side of the screen when you watch - instead, your entire display will be filled with the picture. You'll also have to scroll less in apps like Facebook, where you'll see more of your feed on the screen at one time.

    The screen is also extremely sharp, at 565 pixels per inch. The LCD technology LG has packed in gives a brightness and high-res quality to the display.

    2. Water Resistance 

    This is LG's first flagship available in South Africa that is waterproof. With the LG G6, you no longer have to worry about minor accidents and can trust your device to keep working in inclement weather conditions.

    3. Say yes to Google Assistant

    Finally, we get to use Google Assistant! Up to now, the only phones that have carried Google Assistant natively (i.e. to have it built in) have been Google's own, such as the Pixel. Google's AI is incredibly helpful and intuitive to use. It's an extension of OK Google, and uses voice commands to get info or execute tasks. It can even be used to programme your smart home devices, such as your TV, but we've not tried that feature out yet. 

    (Note that Google Assistant will also be rolled out to all Android Nougat devices with Google Play Services. The G6 is unique because it comes with Assistant built in.)

    4. Internal frame and drop protection


    LG spent a lot of time designing a glass and metal phone that could survive accidental drops. The LG G6 has an internal plate designed to spread the effects of shock while also providing rounded corners and an aluminum frame around the outside of the edges. It meets MIL-STD-810G standards for drop protection, but you still have to be careful with the back and front glass panels.

    5. Dual rear cameras

    Like the G5, the G6 has two cameras on the back - one regular one (a 13MP lens) and one for 125-degree wide-angle shots. Wide-angle shots are important for those using their phones in the field where they need to capture more information in a single shot.

    Plus, the selfie camera (5MP) has a wide-angle option as well, so you can get yourself against a panoramic background. This is the first time we've seen this option on a front-facing camera.