28 January 2020

    Sammy Guinness

    The lowdown on Vodacom satellites

    Take a sneak peek into Vodacom’s new satellite offering.

    Satellites are the way we keep connected across the world as they offer a wide range of communication services, from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to television broadcasting. In line with this, Vodacom now offers Broadband Connect Satellite. The internet service can be used anywhere in South Africa as it doesn’t rely on landlines and cables but on satellite connectivity. Let’s take a look at what makes these space-loving satellites so cool and why they are important in our day-to-day communication.

    1. Currently, there are over 2,500 satellites orbiting Earth. They travel at about 29,000km/h and can circle Earth 14 times in one day. Yes, you read that right!.

    2. Satellites can come in all shapes and sizes and can range from the size of a small bus to the size of your lunchbox. But, the International Space Station is almost the size of an American football field! Now that’s big.

    Satellites collect data about space and the earth

    3. Satellites have many different uses. A big part of their function is to help with scientific research, such as gathering meteorological data and taking land images. Fixed satellites are used for data and video transmission and mobile satellites are for GPS navigation and to communicate with aeroplanes. Satellites are also used for military purposes across the globe, and collected data has helped with environmental and economic industries.

    4. They’re so great at taking pictures of the planet that in 2012 we discovered there are twice as many emperor penguins in Antarctica than we had thought.

    5. Scientists predict that a satellite currently orbiting Earth will re-enter the planet in 8,4 million years! The device is holding a message for the inhabitants of our future. There is so much data being collected every second of every day with these satellites that if all the data had to be stored on CDs, it would take up the space of a skyscraper!

    We’ve got you covered

    So how do these satellites affect the Vodacom network? In the past year, the Vodacom network hosted over 7.3 million 4G smartphones, thanks to the operational power provided by these floating lunchboxes. Vodacom is the first African operator to extend 4G coverage to more than 80% of the population, up from 75.8% in 2016. 3G coverage is at 99.4% - so you’ll have to look very hard in South Africa to find a place without Vodacom 3G. All this is the result of huge investment in infrastructure, amounting to R8.9 billion in South Africa alone. 

    The result of all these great offerings speak for themselves: in the past year, Vodacom added 4.5 million new customers in South Africa, bringing the total number of customers to 41.6 million.

    You too can experience the power of the Vodacom network.

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    Sammy Guinness