09 June 2020


    The multigenerational workforce

    Some helpful insights into managing a multigenerational team.

    For the first time in the modern age, we have five generations present in the workplace. Let that sink in for a minute…

    What does a multigenerational workforce encompass?

    I can guarantee you that not a lot of people know what the five generations of the workforce of 2020 consist of, so let me simplify this for you:

    Why is a multigenerational workforce necessary?

    A multigenerational workforce is important as it gives an organisation a competitive edge because it consists of a Diverse workforce who are equipped to respond to today’s 21st century marketplace.

    What identifies each generation?

    Research shows that organisations that do not have diverse teams are likely to apply a more one-dimensional approach to problem-solving, which will eventually reduce creativity and restrict solutions the team may produce.

    Tips for a harmonious multigenerational workforce.

    • Be flexible and accommodating

    • Avoid stereotyping

    • Learn from one another

    • Tailor your communication style

    • Don’t overlook the similarities

    • Establish respect

    • Encourage knowledge sharing

    • Build diverse teams

    As the workforce continues to shift and change, your organization must be prepared to manage a multigenerational team with varying needs, values, and priorities. This might sound like quite a challenge, but as you focus on your people as people, rather than as demographic groups, you’ll find success. Treat your employees well, and they’ll do great work in return.

    This article was written by Colleen Langston a Talent Acquisition Partner at Vodacom.