Inclusion for all
    02 July 2019


    The right to education

    One of our basic human rights is education, which is why Vodacom prides itself on improving the quality of educational facilities in our country.

    Proper, quality education is the foundation for South African's future. It leads to job creation, a stronger economy and a brighter future for our youth. This is why Vodacom has been involved in a number of initiatives to improve the condition of educational facilities across the country. Take a look at the impact this is having on our youth and their teachers.

    Alston Primary School

    Technology is key to developing the potential of our country’s youth. This is why the teachers, parents and students of Alston Primary in Pietermaritzburg were ecstatic when they received a computer lab. ‘Having the computers in our classroom has really brought the 21st century into our school and our learning,’ says grade 7 teacher Shari Addison.

    Ntweka Primary School

    Ntweka in KZN is another school that recently benefitted from computer labs donated by Vodacom. Grade 7 teacher Mrs Kunene reveals that the learners are so excited to be working on laptops that they come to school every day now!

    Tshele Tsakani

    Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres in Limpopo have been transformed by newly launched education ecosystems. Vodacom Chief Officer Taki Netshitenzhe takes us through this project as well as other initiatives Vodacom has recently implemented.

    Divhani Community Creche

    Another ECD Centre, in Limpopo, received a complete overhaul by Vodacom and the Nelson Mandela Fund. The creche welcomes children from all over the region and many of their parents aren’t working, so support from companies such as Vodacom means the world to them.

    New Beginningz

    As part of a Youth Development Programme, Vodacom placed young volunteers at Vodacom-funded NPOs. These volunteers will assist with homework, conduct computer classes and help the learners prepare for their future.

    Vodacom ICT Resource Centre

    We equipped 92 teachers centres, where educators receive accredited ICT qualifications for free. Here, one of these centres shares the impact this will have on their future.

    Header photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash