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    23 April 2018

    Drew Hook

    The TCL MoveTime Family Watch MT30 review ⌚

    TCL has released a desinger smart-watch aimed specifically for kids, with a 2G tracking feature for parents' peace of mind.

    While the ever-crowded smartwatch market has begun catering to more exclusive tastes the options for kids are still few and far between. TCL has decided to fix this with the new MoveTime Family Watch MT30, a fun watch and step tracker that lets kids receive messages, track their activities and play games, while their parents can monitor them at all times through the watch's 2G connected software. 

    Straight away the colourful design and large, tactile buttons let you know who this smartwatch is made for. The child-friendly design, with its rounded curves, plastic case and smooth, silicone rubber strap make it ideal for a young child, being both fun to look at and easy to use. The simple interface has been designed with its user in mind, with a clean, easy-to-use layout which makes navigation quick and efficient. There are four tactile buttons: the two on the right are labelled as the SOS and power buttons, respectively. Meanwhile, buttons on the left side are for controlling volume. The back is where you’ll find the pogo pin charging port and a nano SIM slot located right under a flap that’s secured in place with a screw. The box also comes with a small screwdriver to help you in setting up the watch. 

    The MoveTime Family Watch MT30 requires a nano SIM to work, but parents are in control of which numbers the child can call. Up to eight phone numbers can be stored in the watch and are pre-programmed through the app on the parent's phone. Children can also send voice-notes to contacts, or emoji messages. The watch allows parents to call or send voice messages, while the kids can reply to calls from up to ten pre-selected contacts as well as make calls to five registered numbers.

    Peace of mind for parents

    Parents who have purchased the smartwatch will be able to download a dedicated app for both iOS and Android which allows them to set up a pre-determined safe zone for their children. The app will then alert them when their child enters or leaves this safe zone. Parents can also view their child's movements on a Google Maps-style screen, complete with a pinpoint icon with a profile pic in it travelling through city streets. An immediate alert will appear on the app should the watch's SOS button be pressed. Kids can also show off their best time at the local park run to all their friends, as the watch can track their speed and routes.

    The watch also comes with a 0.95-inch, 96-by-64-pixel resolution monochrome OLED display. Kids will like it, especially when animated icons representing mom or dad pop up on the screen. The IP-65 rating means that kids can splash around in the water without damaging the watch (although we wouldn’t recommend going for a long swim with it on).



    Drew Hook