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    10 August 2017


    The workplace for millennials

    How one generation gets the job done is different from before, often because technology and social norms adjust expectations. Companies like Vodacom understand this, and create great spaces where millennials thrive.

    How one generation gets the job done is different from before, often because technology and social norms adjust expectations. Companies like Vodacom understand this, and create great spaces where millennials thrive.

    There's a lot of noise around the generation of people born from the early Eighties to mid-Nineties. Too often we hear threats about losing talent if our offices aren’t attractive to millennials, which makes them seem like a difficult bunch.

    But dig a little deeper and the practical wants of millennials are in line with how companies are evolving. They represent the new workforce, whose needs have evolved as the world has. 

    Here are four ways that Vodacom has adapted to be a great place for millennials to work. 

    Use technology to be more productive

    Work is no longer accomplished solely by being stuck at a desk. The idea that a visible worker is a productive worker has become outdated, thanks to mobility. Today many activities can be done anywhere that a network signal will reach. 

    This is because many business-grade services work seamlessly on modern smart devices. Add collaboration systems, document sharing and more, and the office can follow your employees in every sense except the most literal one. Couple the excellent tools available with Vodacom LTE’s high-speed connectivity, and the workforce can be effective anytime, anywhere. 

    Vodacom's drive towards digitalisation includes online training for employees, and introduction of automated processes and systems. Mobile working is a reality, with the growth of BYOD and cloud computing systems, meaning employees can work with more flexibility than ever before. 

    Vodacom is embracing the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation, and is looking to the next generation of employees for inspiration. Millennials are digital natives, according to Pew research, so it makes sense to take advantage of this. 

    Work-life balance matters

    The old mantra was that you went to your job, worked hard, and then relaxed at home. Today's workers demand a workplace that takes their health and wellness needs into account, and an employer sensitive to them as a whole person. 

    Studies show that millennials would rather take a pay cut in exchange for betterment opportunities and they resist the idea of accepting more pay if it means sacrificing more of their time.

    A great example of the value-added services many millennials look for in workplaces is fitness opportunities. They want the ability to blow off some steam and get their hearts pumping. Vodacom was among the early adopters of this trend, opening a Virgin Active at its Midrand headquarters. 

    The main campus also has a wellness studio with personal training, dentist, nutritionist, physio and a clinic. All regional staff also have access to a clinic or health caregiver. On top of this, Vodacom offers various wellness helplines and initiatives, as well as sports clubs and teams, all designed to make work a healthier, more fun place to be. 

    Create real purpose

    It would be unfair to say previous generations didn’t care about the world. But today’s working adults are certainly very concerned about the purpose behind all of their effort. A company that exists solely to make money is no longer appealing. Every successful business makes money, so what is it that differentiates the truly exceptional companies? They want the world to be a better place.

    The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 found that employers with a vision that goes beyond finances are much more likely to retain staff for five years and longer. 

    Through the Vodacom Foundation, Vodacom has demonstrated a commitment to bettering South African society and fighting poverty. Most recently, the Vodacom team around South Africa packed over 50 000 food parcels for Mandela Day.

    The Discover Graduate Programme 

    As a Top Employer and SA Graduate Employer Award winner, Vodacom has taken great strides to attract and nurture this top young talent. Through the Discover Graduate Programme, Vodacom aims to identify the next generation of South African business leaders. They can be assured that their career growth is taken care of in a company that's adapting and evolving to keep pace with the changing world of work. 

    Vodacom is a brand that loves change, and embraces the future. That extends beyond cutting-edge technology in the telecommunications space, and into the evolution of the company itself. If you're ambitious and want to take your career to the NXT LVL, then the Discover Graduate Programme could be for you. 

    As a Discover Graduate, you'll be exposed to different aspects of the business, both customer-facing and behind the scenes, to truly understand Vodacom's DNA, and to identify the niche that's perfect for you. As you work alongside some of our industry's leading experts, you'll develop the solutions that will shape our customers' futures, and yours. 

    As part of the Vodafone Group, Vodacom also offers you the potential to move beyond South Africa's borders into an international role, via the Columbus Programme. You could find yourself working anywhere from Prague to Portugal, Ghana to New Zealand. 

    All you need to do to apply is follow the instructions on www.vodacom.co.za/graduates. You'll be asked to complete a series of online tests, followed by an interview and selection process that aims to find the best of the best candidates to join the Vodacom family. Selection takes place throughout the year, so apply today and start experiencing your future!

    Find your career at Vodacom

    There are many opportunities to become part of the Vodacom team. Keep an eye on the Vodacom website  for vacancies at all levels.