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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5  is a high-tech marvel. 

Here are the top 5 features that make it stand out from the rest.

1. Penmanship – The S Pen seamlessly forms part of this smartphone, and it's a really useful too. From the moment you remove it, it's activated: use it to take notes, write, select items, action memos and add shortcuts. What's more, you can write notes without unlocking the device, ideal if you are in a rush. The pen is lighter than its predecessor, making it easier to write on the screen.

2. Model looks – A 5.7-inch screen, glass and metal design and curved back make for a stylish smartphone that's good looking as well as functional. 

3. Power play – The Note 5 has excellent battery life and is compatible with almost any wireless charger on the market. You can also charge the Note 5 with a conventional USB charger. Two power-saving modes mean your battery will be optimally used.

4. Human touch – The S Pen looks and feels like a real pen and the smartphone sits comfortably in one hand – the ergonomic design in these elements ensure ease of use.

5. Amazing photos – With an advanced 16MP camera system that includes features such as HDR and Smart Optical Image Stabilisation, as well as a range of filters, your social media posts will be the envy of your followers. With Quick Launch, you simply double click the Home button to access the camera in under a second, so there's no chance of missing that perfect shot. Creating collages and animated GIFs is another fun feature.

Find out more about the device and order online at Vodacom Online » 

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