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    01 July 2022

    Nafisa Akabor

    Top 5 Mobile Earphones

    Mobile earphones are the hottest new gadget, so which one do you go for? These are our top picks.

    Smartphones today rarely feature audio jacks so you cannot use a pair of wired earphones with it. This is where compact wireless earphones come in, typically available with rechargeable battery cases so you’re never without power. 

    Here’s our picks of the best earphones for your mobile:

    Apple AirPods (3rd gen)

    Arguably the most recognisable wireless earphones that started the trend, the AirPods are a best seller for good reason: it does what it needs to brilliantly and pairs within seconds. AirPods are great for daily use, but if you want noise cancellation, you have to fork out extra for the AirPods Pro, however these are in-ear. Both versions support spatial audio to give you a 3D 360-degree sound effect that’s immersive. It supports touch controls that you can customise and works with Siri.

    apple 3rd generation

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    The latest Galaxy Buds Pro offer the best from Samsung yet, with intelligent active noise cancellation (ANC) that lets you switch between complete noise cancelling or an adjustable ambient sound to still pay attention to background noise. They are in-ear and come with three tip sizes, offers 360-degree audio with Dolby Atmos, and supports voice control. It only pairs with Android, supports fast charging and comes in silver, black or violet, with a matching case.


    LG Tone Free FP5

    If you’re looking for earphones with built-in auto cleaning, LG’s new Tone Free FP5 delivers exactly that with its UVnano charging case that reduces bacteria by 99% after a five-minute charge. It features active noise cancellation, has Meridian-tuned sound, 3D sound stage for immersive sound and up to 10 hours of playback from a single charge. It is suited for work, gaming, and fitness and has Find My Earbuds. Pairs with Android and iOS and supports Google Assistant and Siri.


    Huawei FreeBuds 4i  

    Huawei’s newest FreeBuds 4i offers good value for money as it comes with active noise cancellation and voice call noise cancellation, which is great for working from anywhere. It has a low latency and awareness modes, touch controls, promises up to 10 hours of playback and a quick 10-minute charge yields four hours of audio. It has three silicone ear tip sizes and pairs with Android and iOS manually, however the Huawei AI Life app that it pairs with is available on Android only.


    Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3

    Xiaomi new wireless earphones, the Redmi Buds 3 are extremely lightweight at 4.5g per bud, for comfort with extended use. It has dual mics with noise suppression technology, and are IP54 dust and water resistant, suited for workouts and being out in the rain. It comes with a rechargeable battery case that yields five hours from a single charge and up to 20 hours from the case; and a quick 10-minute recharge provides 90 minutes of playback. It is available in white only and pairs with Android and iPhone.


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    Nafisa Akabor