Brand with a purpose
    16 March 2017


    Top Dog helps your kids shine

    Every parent wants to give their child the best education possible. Boost their learning with Top Dog, Africa's largest tutoring platform.

    Your child can experience personalised tutoring online with Top Dog. Africa’s largest tutoring platform offers a variety of subjects from Grades 4-12, and helps over 3 million students achieve their best. 

    How does Top Dog work? 

    Personalise how they learn with adaptive tutoring that adjusts your child’s learning path dynamically to ensure they achieve their goals. 

    Get unlimited access to current and future Grade 4 – 12 Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and National Curriculum Statements (NCS) content.

    • Watch animated lectures 
    • Take mock exams with full solutions 
    • Experience live chat sessions with teachers 
    • Take online tests with instant results 
    • Key subject summaries and tutorials 

    From just R60 a month, studying with Top Dog is the ideal solution for your child's curriculum, any time, anywhere. Getting your child top grades is their business. To learn more about Top Dog, go to their website.

    Get your FREE Top Dog voucher from Vodacom

    When you take out a new contract or upgrade with Vodacom, you receive a FREE Top Dog voucher for R10 000 of educational content. Simply visit the Top Dog website  and sign up, start shopping, and when you're ready to pay, enter your special code in the Voucher Code area to get your free 'Top Cash'.