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Are you feeling both excited and anxious to become a first-time father? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! These four tips will turn you into Father of the Year.

1. How to swaddle your newborn:

Use a receiving blanket to recreate the cosy feeling your infant felt while in the womb. Swaddling can also improve sleep. Ask a friend, your mother-in-law or one of the nurses to show you how to do it.       

2. How to pack a baby bag: 

Essentials include nappies, wet wipes, a bottle (with formula or breastmilk), a full set of clothes for the baby and a clean top for you or your partner, a blanket, a dummy (if needed), a soft toy and hand sanitiser.  

A baby bag should include nappies and baby cream

3. How to assist your partner during breastfeeding: 

Help her to get comfy, bring her a beverage, or rub her feet or shoulders. She’ll appreciate it.

4. How to accept offers to babysit: 

Every parent deserves a break – including you. If friends or family members offer to babysit and you trust them to watch your little one for a while, say yes. Use the time to take a nap with your partner or to take her out for ice cream or a meal!

For more childcare tips and information, sign up for Mum & Baby, powered by Vodacom’s Siyakha. This service is free from your Vodacom SIM Card and it doesn’t use any data.

Header photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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