14 December 2016


    Top tunes for summer

    Two of SA's most influential social media personalities share their song recommendations for the summer. Get streaming!

    Looking for songs to suit your vibe this summer? Look no further than these tracks, shared with us by two of our favourite South African guys on social media. 

    5 top tracks for summer

    To bring you the most happening songs of the summer, we chatted to Rowan Eva, founder of music blog Noonday Tune (indexed by international music blog aggregator Hype Machine recently - wow! - which you'll find at @noondaytune on Twitter), and Sipho Hlongwane, Blogs Editor of The Huffington Post South Africa. Here are the tracks they recommend:

    1.  Nominated by Rowan: Change Your Life (You Can Do It) by Dan Deacon 
    ‘I'm not usually a fan of upbeat songs like this, but even though the lyrics are pretty cheesy, it's almost impossible to resist tapping your foot to it i.e. perfect for summer.’

    2.  Nominated by Sipho: Somebody Else by The 1975
    ‘It's a cool, lazy song. Like a hazy, summer-holiday afternoon by the pool in Johannesburg.’

    3.  Nominated by Sipho: Enough!! by A Tribe Called Quest 
    ‘Sadly, the last Tribe album. This is my favourite song - it's everything. Old school raps, a super-cool beat and a self-confident attitude we all need in these dark times. The entire album is perfectly right for today. Oh, and RIP Phife Dawg ...’

    4.  Nominated by Sipho: Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd  
    ‘HAVE to include this one. Maybe the song of the summer holidays. (It's already the soundtrack to a thousand #MannequinChallenge videos).’

    5. Nominated by us: Walking on Sunshine: Katrina and the Waves 
    Summer is not summer without this happy, shiny hit from 1983. It's the soundtrack for our Instagrannies' awesome roadtrip - and like them, it's an oldie, but a goodie. 

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    Whatever you do, don’t forget to Play Every Day this summer!