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    11 December 2020


    Transforming your small business into a smart business

    Businesses that survive the COVID-19 pandemic should now more than ever strive to be a digital-first business.

    Businesses that survive the COVID-19 pandemic should now more than ever strive to be a digital-first business; equipped with technology that can bolster collaboration, information sharing, and customer engagement.

    The pandemic has highlighted the economic, health and social risks of the traditional ways of doing business, and no sector has escaped unscathed. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are especially vulnerable to business disruption. It is crucial that South Africa’s SME’s can access the ICT communication tools needed to ensure business continuity, as they contribute significantly to employment, provide income for millions of South Africans, and form a key part of our diverse economy.

    Over the last few years, as Vodacom Business, we have refocused our efforts by shifting from being ‘just a telco’ to providing businesses with end-to-end technology solutions. As a trusted digital partner for businesses, we have always believed that with the right technology and digital processes, South African businesses will be more competitive, resilient, and capable of not only surviving, but thriving, despite external challenges.

    In adapting to this new normal, Vodacom Business has committed to accelerating digital adoption in support of companies’ business unusual. “SMEs are a critical component of our economy. They employ around 10.8 million people and contribute 20% to our Gross Domestic. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide them with the tools to remain productive and overcome the challenges they face today. The combination of our offerings delivers the benefits of agility, productivity and flexibility,” William Mzimba, Chief Office for Vodacom Business.

    And to help with this process, Vodacom Business has launched Smart Productivity Solutions. These solutions give companies the edge to securely connect, communicate, collaborate and above all, remain productive. Whether it’s by using cloud-based telephony services that join up your mobile and fixed landline so you are always connected and reachable; or employing a mobile financial management software that fits into your pocket and allows you invoice and quote your customers quickly from anywhere; or transforming your team meetings to accommodate smaller group collaboration sessions and voice breakout.

    When used together, Smart Productivity Solutions will enable employees to work from virtually anywhere and on almost any device without compromising company and customer information and engagement. These services will enable SME’s with dispersed workforces to operate as efficiently as their larger rivals by creating access to tools and services that have traditionally only been available to larger enterprises.

    Vodacom Business Smart Productivity products and solutions free up your time, so you can spend it on investing on your customers, improving your business plan, training, networking and keeping mentally fit during these challenging times.

    By empowering South Africa’s SME sector, we can circumvent the effect of COVID-19. Every business, big or small, should be awarded the opportunity to benefit from the digital tools and resources we now have access to as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

    Vodacom Business’ Smart Productivity Solutions which work great on the Vodacom Network and can be set up for optimal use by Vodacom Business experts include:

    Vodacom Business

    To move forward, finding the best strategic business partner is vital, especially if your business has limited experience in a specific area, such as technology. Vodacom Business’ innovative digital solutions take into account best-in-class digital platforms, tools, applications and services as well as Vodacom’s world-class network to ensure a successful digital transformation journey