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    01 October 2020


    Travelling the digital transformation road with the Volvo Group

    Learn how we support the Volvo Group's technology modernisation

    The Volvo Group is a leading provider of trucks, truck parts and services across the globe in over 160 countries, and the South African market leader in the truck sector. Serving a wide range of customers, from large fleets to small business purchases, the Group operates through a network of first- and third-party dealerships, and offers goods and services across South Africa and neighbouring countries including Botswana and Angola. The Volvo Group Southern Africa is increasingly using technology to better serve the market across vast geographies, support its partners and dealerships, and create efficiencies in its manufacturing, logistics and operational areas. To meet these goals, it has selected Vodacom Business as its technology partner to travel that road with it.

    The Challenge

    The Volvo Group Southern Africa is focusing on several areas where it can improve its performance through technology. Its leading concern was a new telephony system that it could deploy across its network of partners and sites, particularly satellite offices. These latter sites are often at customer venues, and thus their performance reflects directly on the Volvo Group's reputation among its clients. The Group required a solution that covers data, fixed-line voice and mobile, at a competitive price and backed with ongoing support.

    It also was necessary to replace the Group's ageing biometric attendance and access system, a project which itself met unexpected challenges due to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond this, the Group is continually establishing better ways to manage internal supplies for employees, improved HR tools, and establishing paperless processes.

    Tying all of these together is the need for a technology partner that can help the Volvo Group champion the right technologies and encourage buy-in for its digital transformation vision. As the Group expands into more cutting-edge services, such as the Volvo Dynafleet connected vehicle offering that tracks metrics for customers, dealerships and the Group itself, it requires technology partners that can keep their eyes on the path ahead.

    'Our business is about being able to efficiently provide services to our customers,' said Prashika Ramnath, General Manager of Group IT at Volvo Group Southern Africa. 'We needed a technology partner that could cover our national footprint, always be there and can help drive our digital agenda."

    The Solution

    Beginning with telephony, Vodacom Business delivered a modern, connected, flexible and cost-effective communications solution to the South African operations. This solution may seem mundane, but it was a massive boon for the Volvo Group.

    Vodacom Business could answer all their needs and do so at a price that other applicants couldn't match. The network's extensive coverage assured that every site would be online, and Vodacom Business committed to timelines that it either met or completed ahead of schedule. With the help of Minnesh Ramdhany, the Senior Account Manager for Vodacom Business, Volvo were made aware that Vodacom is not only a mobile phone service provider, but a company that can assist in various other spheres of technology and innovation. This included the Time and attendance solution, the paperless project and their IOT offering.

    And when the Volvo Group needed to temporarily increase its bandwidth capacity during the pandemic lockdown, Vodacom Business offered a customised package that didn't bind the Group to long-term changes that might affect its cash flow. Despite over 1,000 users working remotely, Vodacom Business' connectivity could meet demand without bloating costs.

    'They ticked all the boxes: price, service offering, service delivery, and support,' said Ramnath. 'Everything just works like clockwork. And that is the kind of partner that any business would want.'

    The telephony solution hit its mark because of Vodacom Business' combined excellent service, customer-centric delivery, multi-disciplinary skills among it and its partners, and a world-class network. These elements also delivered on the Group's other needs. Vodacom Business and its partners deployed a new biometric clocking system across the Volvo Group and, when the pandemic demanded contactless systems, they could switch it to a biometric card system. "Vodacom moved away from just being a phone and data provider to integrating into our business in different spheres and different ways" said Ramnath.

    With Vodacom Business' help, the Group's technology visionaries have introduced their colleagues to a range of new opportunities. These include software services to support HR and cost management, such as the Vodacom Spend Management and Converged platform. The Volvo Group and Vodacom Business are also collaborating on paperless projects to improve employee onboarding times, reduce the paper-heavy processes on its assembly lines, and leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to enhance tracking of parts and equipment. Specific usage of their Stock Visibility Solutions have allowed for better, more accurate tracking of fleet inventory management. Vodacom Business hand-picked partners that specialise in the trucking sector and understand the nuances of the Automotive industry. When it comes to blending technology and business, Vodacom Business is a part of the Volvo Group Southern Africa family. "If your customers are making noise, there's a problem. And if there's no noise, it means everything's working. As soon as we rolled out [the attendance/clocking solution], the noise just went away" said Ramnath ."Vodacom Business has moved away from just being a phone and data provider to integrating into our business in different spheres in different ways".

    Why Vodacom Business

    • Reliable and cost-friendly communications solutions across mobile, fixed-line voice and data
    • Fast and reliable deployment, meeting and often beating deadlines
    • Vodacom Business takes the journey with customers, backed by always-available support and quick problem-solving
    • Technology partners that specialise in specific sectors and meet customer requirements on their market terms
    • Access to the insight and support that blends technology and business, and ingratiates these advantages with stakeholders

    Vodacom Business

    Vodacom Business is here to help take your business to the next level. We offer a wide range of products and services to fulfil the telecommunications needs of organisations of all sizes. From mobiles and fixed-line connections to a wealth of broadband and networking solutions, you can count on us to keep you confidently connected.