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Featuring a triple camera, the new Samsung Galaxy A7 delivers results you’ve previously only expected from a top-of-the-range flagship device.

Launched at the end of September, the A7 is a great option for people looking for phone with premium features, at a lower price point that some of the (admittedly incredible) phones that dominate the top end of the market.

The standout feature is, of course, the camera, and it’s what’s got everyone really excited about this cellphone. The A7 comes equipped with a trio of rear cameras, transforming everyday snapshots. The main camera is a whopping 24MP, designed to capture crisp images day or night. Its proficiency in low light comes from the A7’s ability to combine four pixels into one pixel when it detects

The additional 8MP camera is 120 degree Ultra Wide, as wide as your own field of vision, as a matter of fact. That means you can capture more than before. The third camera is 5MP and assists with achieving the bokeh effect - the blurred background that makes your photo’s subject really pop.

That will be taken care of by the Intelligent Scene Optimizer - it identifies the subject and adjusts the colours and crispness accordingly.

The front camera is no slouch either - at 24MP, your selfies are more than Instagram ready. The front camera also features an adjustable LED flash, and Selfie Focus, which allows you to achieve the bokeh effect.

There’s more!

You do, of course, demand more from your phone than just great photography, and fortunately the A7 is no slacker there either.

At 6”, it’s slighter larger than the 2017 iteration, which was 5.7”. The Super AMOLED Infinity Display is great for videos and gaming.

The other big upgrade is the storage. 2017’s version featured 32GB, while in 2018 you can enjoy 64GB of storage. If that’s still not quite enough, you can expand it to 512GB with a microSD card.

Another nice change is the side fingerprint scanner, meaning your phone opens the moment you pick it up.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 is available from Vodacom in two colours: Black and stylish Gold.

Show me the money

Of course, the new A7 is enabled for Samsung Pay. That means you can use your phone virtually anywhere to tap and pay. It’s safer than using your credit card, faster, and, of course, makes you look cool. Read more about Samsung Pay here.

Upgrade to the A7

Keep an eye on the Vodacom website for the Samsung Galaxy A7 - check out the Samsung page for the latest deals. 

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