31 December 2021

    James Francis

    Under-appreciated sites

    Try these five sites you've not heard of until now!

    Whether you are hunting for images with a similar feel, trying to figure out what to cook, looking for some ambient sounds to help you focus, playing games with friends online without gaming hardware, or wondering what it would be like to drive through Hawaii while listening to local radio, these sites have you covered.


    The internet is a great place to find images for ideas, references and inspiration. But while it's easy to search for images based on an objective description - for example, searching for 'cow' will deliver images of cows - things get trickier when you want images that have the same vibe or feeling. You often end up with images that are too similar or different. Same.energy solves that problem. Start a search, click on an image you like and discover more similar images but still do their own thing.

    Drive & Listen

    Fancy a ride through Berlin? What about Mumbai or Singapore? And while we're there, why not listen to a local radio station? Drive & Listen offers both: watch dashcam footage of a car driving through a city's streets and tune into a local radio station at the same time. With literally dozens of cities to choose from, you can travel roads across the globe.

    My Fridge Food

    Eating is fun, but cooking is work. And few things are as bad as being hungry, but nothing jumps out from your fridge or pantry. Yet you might be just ten minutes away from a nice meal, using ingredients already in your kitchen. Check all the ingredients you want to use on My Fridge Food, and it will search for recipes, including information on the preparation time, calories and more.


    A Soft Murmur

    Ambient sounds are an excellent way to help you relax and focus, which is why there are countless videos on Youtube offering the sounds of chimes, rainfall, birdsong and such. Now you can create your own combination of ambient sounds on A Soft Murmur. Select from thunder, rain, waves, wind, birds, singing bowls and more to create an ambient soundtrack while you work, meditate, nap or just want some pleasant white noise in the background.


    Games are always more fun with friends, yet it's not easy to get together at the same place. You can play online, but then everyone needs to own the same game. Airconsole fixes both issues by offering high-quality but easy-to-play online games that multiple people can access together through their browsers. You and a group can quickly create online gaming sessions using PCs or phones, choosing from an extensive library catering to different tastes and skill levels. Airconsole has both free and paid accounts, so you can use the service before you spend anything.

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    James Francis