01 August 2017


    Up your home's value with fibre

    More and more, real estate agents are reporting that homes with a fibre Internet connection are fetching higher prices.

    More and more, real estate agents are reporting that homes with a fibre Internet connection are fetching higher prices.

    As digital technologies and internet connectivity get better and better, we’ve come to expect quick load times and smooth video playback all the time, especially at home. And that's why installing fibre is about more than an awesome internet connection - it can also mean more hard cash in your pocket when you sell. 

    Home buyers today are looking for more than just gorgeous kitchens and generous space. They're looking for a home that enables the latest technology, from Smart Home tech to virtual assistants, to streaming on Showmax. 

    Did you know that slower page response times lead to higher page abandonment? This may be quite insignificant if someone is watching Beyoncé’s latest music video or if they’re just logging onto Facebook but if you’re running a business from home and need to navigate the net at top speed, this could affect your bottom line. 

    A recent study found that the average online shopper is willing to wait about five seconds before abandoning their purchase. That’s not very long at all and makes having the best connectivity available a no-brainer.  

    The case for fibre

    Whether you’re running a business or just browsing the web, a speedy and reliable internet connection is no longer just a nice to have, it’s an essential. And fibre is the ideal way to boost your connectivity.

    To illustrate just how drastic the difference between fibre and traditional copper cabling is, the Federal Communications Commission explains that a single copper pair conductor can carry about six phone calls, while a single fibre pair can carry more than 2.5 million phone calls at the same time.

    According to Marcèl du Toit, CEO at Leadhome, installing fibre can even add value to your home when you eventually decide to sell.In a recent survey conducted by the Fibre To The Home Council Americas, respondents confirmed that residential properties are much simpler to sell and rent when they have a fibre connection, notes du Toit. And one consultancy firm in the US outlined that buyers are willing to pay as much as a 2% premium for a fibre-connected property.

    Du Toit also notes that renters are willing to pay an extra 15% on average for fibre-connected properties. This trend means that a typical residential property would have an improved value of about 3.1%. That’s nearly R100 000 extra on a R3 million home. ‘The stats that I’ve mentioned are global but South Africa is no exception. Sellers with fibre-connected properties would be foolish to not punt their fibre connectivity very well when they’re selling. It really does add value.’

    If you’re keen to up the value of your home, you need instant, super-fast, flexible and uninterrupted FTTH Internet connectivity. With Vodacom Fibre you’ll get exactly that and so much more. The first step is checking for coverage in your area. Click here to browse our fibre connectivity map.

    Get Vodacom Fibre 

    Vodacom has just expanded both their reach and fibre price plan offerings, so you can choose the options that best suit you. 

    Find out if your area is covered and look at all your options on the Vodacom website