Inclusion for all
    04 January 2021


    Vodacom and the drive for inclusion for all

    Across 2020 we spoke to seven people, all working at Vodacom, about their condition and what it’s like working for Vodacom. These are their stories. 

    *Update on 11 November 2021: Sharron Naidoo has sadly passed away.

    Vodacom is intentional about creating an environment and culture of inclusion for all. This is done through various initiatives and by educating people on the various conditions other people are living with, to break stigmas and misconceptions. Across 2020 we spoke to six people, all working at Vodacom, about their condition and what it’s like working for Vodacom. Read their stories here:

    Karin Smit

    At the age of four years old, Karen was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and she shares her story with us. 

    Gavin Fouche

    Gavin Fouche was born with a rare condition known as Moebius syndrome. He shares about his journey dealing with it and the support he received working at Vodacom for the last 20 years. 

    Lavinia Koopman

    Lavinia Koopman was diagnosed with profound sensory-neural hearing loss in both ears. She shares about her journey dealing with it and the support she received working at Vodacom. 

    Pasche Dreyer

    Pasche Dreyer talks about her struggles with Clinical Depression, as well as what it has been like navigating this illness while working for Vodacom.

    Sharron Naidoo

    Sharron Naidoo a Supervisor of the CIC Networks at Vodacom, speaks to us about the daily challenges of living with Fibromyalgia.   

    Andre Bekker

    Andre Bekker is Team Leader in the Vodacom Fibre department, and he shared about Vodacom's disability programmes. 

    Illze Fourie 

    Even though she is facing many health challenges, Ilze Fourie still maintains her infectious upbeat attitude. Ilze has been working at Vodacom for 14 years and shares her story about working with a disability. 

    Vodacom is intentional about inclusion 

    Vodacom is an Equal Opportunities employer, which means we actively encourage and welcome people with various disabilities to apply. If you're keen to join our team, note that we are always looking for data scientists. As this is such a rare skill, we’d really appreciate your help in filling in the roles.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 15% of the world's population has a disability and only 48% of working-age people living with a disability are employed. These stats show that it is critical that companies become more inclusive and embrace diversity in all its forms. This is why Vodacom has made it our mission to build an inclusive culture where everyone is respected, can be themselves, and strives to be their best. 

    For more information, please email one of our Talent Acquisition Partners on Thola.Tshivhule@vodacom.co.za and linda.chai1@vodacom.co.za.