Vodacom brings you Deezer for free!
09 October 2014


Vodacom brings you Deezer for free!

Get Deezer Premium+ FREE for one month and enjoy more than 30 million tunes on your smartphone.

Get Deezer Premium+ FREE for one month and enjoy more than 30 million tunes on your smartphone.

Streaming music services like Deezer have transformed the way that millions of music lovers around the world discover, enjoy and share music. Deezer is considered one of best streaming services in the world and is available in 182 countries.

So what’s streaming music all about?

Music streaming services allowing subscribers to instantly access tons of songs, meaning goodbye illegal downloads and forking out cash to purchase individual tracks or albums. 

Rather than buying music, music streaming services allow subscribers to rent access to millions of music libraries. With Deezer you can instantly listen to uninterrupted music wherever you are.

Deezer has a free version, funded by ads, which gives you access to streaming music online and a limited mobile experience, but the Deezer Premium+ subscription gives you so much more. There are no ads, plus you can listen to music offline on your smartphone, access high-quality sound files and listen on multiples devices including your smart TV, hi-fi and in your car. 

What’s even better is that you can sync your favourite tunes for easy listening when you’re offline or for times when a data connection is not available (hello Gautrain playlist). This means you get to keep your data for the important things, like those late-night chats. Your life doesn’t stop, so why should your music?

Discover new bands and artists

Deezer means you no longer have to listen to the same old album on repeat because the world of hot new music is yours on demand (but we won’t judge you if you want to blast some vintage Mariah Carey). 

Whether you need an upbeat jam to survive the early mornings or a playlist to pump you up during a hectic gym sesh, Deezer offers 35 million songs to its subscribers and has a range of great features to help you discover new music.

Deezer is not just a music streaming service – it also doubles as your personal DJ. Think hot music recommendations personally tailored to your unique tastes, based on what you like listening to and curated by a team of 50 global editors. Then there’s Flow Radio – your personal radio – which brings you one banging track after another, 24/7, personalised to your tastes.

And if playing DJ is more of your thing, you can create playlists to suit your mood and customise your own radio to play exactly the music you want to hear.

The ‘Hear This’ feature is a wonderful way to find new bands and artists. Based on your listening habits, your friends’ suggestions and the Deezer editors’ recommendations, Hear This will do the work for you in discovering new talent.

Follow your friends

You can also share your music on Deezer or via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Last.Fm. Plus, with Deezer you can follow your friends to see what they’re listening to. We won’t blame you if Deezer becomes your new best friend. With more than 5 million Deezer subscribers across the world, what are you waiting for?

How to get one month FREE from Vodacom

On your mobile phone, go to http://live.vodafone.com/deezer and follow the instructions to activate your Deezer account and take advantage of one month free.

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