03 September 2021


    Vodacom Bulls’s Tambwe brings a winger’s strategy to vaccination rollout

    Madosh Tambwe and his Vodacom Bulls teammates are filming a series of social media videos encouraging rugby fans to “take their shot” and get vaccinated.

    Madosh Tambwe has just finished with his Vodacom Bulls teammates in filming a series of social media videos encouraging rugby fans to “take their shot” and get vaccinated. And if South Africans should listen to anybody in the current circumstances, you feel it should be the Vodacom Bulls wing, because he’s certainly shown that he knows what it takes to get out of a tight spot.

    In fact, that’s exactly what legendary Vodacom Bulls wing Akona Ndungane so admires about the man who has followed him in this position at Loftus Versfeld.

    “A winger needs to be able to step his way out of a very tight situation. Most of the time you are up against a defence coming up fast and closing the gap on you. And Madosh does this very well,” says Ndungane.

    Having just delivered the message to rugby fans to “take their shot” so they can do their part to help beat the coronavirus pandemic and fill the stands at Loftus Versfeld once more, Tambwe smiles when he considers how apt it is for a wing to deliver this message.

    “As a wing, you never know what the result is going to be from taking that gap or taking that leap of faith when it looks like there is only the slightest opportunity in front of you. I’ve had moments in matches where it doesn’t look like there’s any space at all for me. But I’ve learnt that this shouldn’t make you afraid of taking a shot. A big reward could be waiting on the other side of that.”

    Tambwe’s awareness of all of this is what so impresses Ndungane about his potential at the Vodacom Bulls.

    “I’ve watched Madosh for a while now and I’ve always rated him. He’s got pace and aerial ball skills, and he’s a great finisher. It looks like he’s really found his place now at Loftus. He’s shown the quality and potential he has, and I think he’s been a great addition to the Vodacom Bulls squad,” says Ndungane.

    As Tambwe reflects on how people must be feeling at this time in the country as the vaccination rollout continues, he shows a remarkable maturity beyond his 24 years of age, and a keen understanding of the so-called “playing field” out there at the moment.

    “Being unsure about what’s to come is normal. You know, I’ve also played a handful of games where I went onto the field and wasn’t sure how I was feeling about that game. I wasn’t sure what to expect. And the amazing thing is, those are some of the best games I’ve played.

    “When I get out there, I tell myself I’ve trained for this, I’ve done it before – relax. And it’s like something just clicks in me, and I’m able to go out there and execute.”

    Tambwe is also more aware than most that the truly great opportunities are often rare and fleeting, and that to waver or hesitate could be costly.

    “You know, when you watch rugby on television, it doesn’t convey how fast the game actually is. When you’re on the field, it’s a case of split-second decisions that need to be made. It’s so quick that you always need to be on your toes. Your work rate is high, and then you get a second to make a decision that can either make or break the result of a match.”

    And whether it’s a team, or your own family, these decisions have consequences.

    “I think it’s very similar. In my own mind, I know I need to have that ability to finish the opportunities my teammates have created for me. I need to take the shot they’ve worked to create for me. To do this effectively, I need an awareness of what’s going on in the game and I need to be able to anticipate what’s going to happen. And I also need to be able to comprehend the messages being relayed to me by my teammates, so I can execute these.”

    It’s a simple and effective strategy.

    Listen to the instructions from those around you. Be aware of what’s going on. And then take your shot.

    Let’s get vaccinated so that we can go Further Together. Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, Get Vaccinated.