Vodacom embraces LGBT 🏳️‍🌈
Inclusion for all
10 July 2018


Vodacom embraces LGBT 🏳️‍🌈

Vodacom’s LGBT Network aims to support Vodacom’s goal of being a diverse and inclusive workplace for all its employees.

Vodacom’s purpose is to use digital solutions to Connect for Good and we pride ourselves on promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace. This policy extends from recruitment of diverse staff to creating many committees, forums, programmes and networks that concentrate on and promote the interests of different groups in the company.

Vodacom’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Network has been set up as a supportive space for LGBT colleagues to find the confidence to be themselves at work. The Network connects people and builds a sense of community among LGBT colleagues. 

The Network aims to raise awareness of the challenges that LGBT staff face and work with the Diversity and Inclusion team in ensuring that Vodacom is an inclusive workplace, and in positioning Vodacom as an employer of choice among the broader LGBT community. 

Top LGBT employer 

Last year, as a result of these initiatives, Vodacom was named by Stonewall as one of 12 Top Global Multinational employers for lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff.

The list recognises employers who are making real strides in achieving LGBT equality and looks at the below key areas and some of the progress Vodacom has made against them:

  1. Employee policy: In 2015 global policies were updated to become truly inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity.

  2. Training: Vodacom has launched a number of training programmes to challenge employees' behaviours including unconscious bias training and code of conduct training.

  3. Staff engagement: Annually across Vodafone, global webinars are hosted and attended by senior leaders, Vodafone is involved in local Pride events, and events are also hosted by Vodacom's 15 LGBT+ Friends networks.

  4. Leadership: Vodafone has LGBT executive sponsors in all markets who provide senior sponsorship on LGBT matters locally, support local LGBT strategies and work with key customer-facing stakeholders to understand the needs of LGBT customers.

  5. Procurement: When awarding contracts, Vodacom ensures that suppliers and providers adhere to the same commitment to sexual orientation and gender identity.

  6. Community engagement: Several of Vodafone's markets have taken bold steps to incorporate LGBT themes in advertising campaigns including Germany’s transgender campaign and Italy’s ‘Power to Kisses’ campaign. During Pride weeks, Vodafone actively engages retail and the front line to support Pride initiatives. Across markets, Vodafone has many partnerships with LGBT charities including Australian Marriage Equality and Colour Youth Greece.

'Vodafone, and all of our Top Global Employers, has demonstrated a real commitment to ensuring that all lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff and stakeholders feel included at work. These businesses truly are at the forefront of driving global LGBT inclusion in the workplace, and between them reach over 1.5 million people.' Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall

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