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    03 October 2017


    Vodacom empowering SA's women

    Local women are making a difference in their communities, and Vodacom Siyakha supports them with educational, health and job finding resources.

    The rise of mobile connectivity has enabled people around the world to improve their lives in many ways. From having access to banking and other financial services to being able to access the internet, having a phone in your pocket is empowering and liberating. According to Shireen Santosham writing for GSMA Connected Women, "mobile phones and internet access are also being associated with increased economic productivity and growth. For example, McKinsey and Company estimates that increased internet access could add 10 percent or $300 billion to Africa’s GDP by 2025."

    But as in other areas, there appears to be a gender gap, as a result of which women are missing out. According to GSMA, "women use phones less frequently and intensively than men, especially mobile internet and mobile money." Why does this gender gap exist? Apart from societal factors that contribute, there are a number of reasons that Vodacom Siyakha addresses directly:

    • The cost of owning and using a phone. Vodacom Siyakha provides access to free resources and reduced call rates.
    • Technical literacy and confidence. Vodacom Siyakha empowers women to grow in knowledge and improve their confidence in using phones and other digital devices. The educational and information resources provided are easily accessible and freely available.

    This is where Vodacom Siyakha stands to make a real difference in the lives of South African women. With Siyakha, Vodacom is committed to working with you to create a better tomorrow, with free access to education, health information, job opportunities, social connection and so much more.

    Siyakha offers various benefits, which can empower women to grow their own businesses, help their children learn, and give advice and guidance for mums-to-be:

    • Mum and Baby. Get free health information for you and your baby, only on your Vodacom cellphone.
    • Finding a job. Search for good jobs, apply online and follow up with employers for free.
    • Online education. Help your kids learn and succeed with free grades R to 12 classroom notes and exercises. Includes practice tests and fun quizzes to help you get the most out of your education.
    • Siyakha price plan. Get great benefits and up to R10 000 free funeral cover. 

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